Sink Installation Cost

How Much Does Sink Installation Cost?

sink installationSink Installation Cost – Sinks are basic a necessity and need to be installed either due to the existing sink being damaged where there will be a need to replace it, or because installing a sink at a new location is essential.

Benefits of Sink Installation

  • It improves functionality.
  • It is less expensive and doesn’t require extensive time to time repairs.
  • Repairing a sink prevents damage done to walls, counters, and floors; hence, making it a cost effective option in the long run.
  • It enhances the appearance of a room.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Sink?

  • Its takes one or two hours to install a replacement sink which doesn’t require any modifications to the plumbing.
  • It may take several hours to replace under-mount sinks as they are more complicated.
  • Installing a sink to a different location may take up a whole day or more as the job includes running waste lines and supply to have a sink connected to a home’s plumbing. Additionally, if the pipes and installation site are at a distance, it lengthens the time period further.

Materials Required For Sink Installation

Plumbers use tools such as pipe cutters, drills, wrenches, crimping tool, torches, and saws to install sinks. They may also use flexible supply tubing, a caulk, pipe, or a plumber’s putty.

Factors of Consideration That Impact Installation Rates

Sink Location – Installing a sink in a kitchen area will cost $144 while installing one in bathrooms can cost $178 on an average. Installing a sink in a new location requires more effort and is thus, more expensive than the replacement of an existing sink. It will cost about $100 to $400 to hire a plumber to install a new sink.

Types of Sinks – Different kinds of sinks have their own specific mounting requirements and can require extra manpower or extensive prep work.

  • Tile sinks may have average costs of $386 and can add an element of dramatic design to any room. They cost so much because they require a plumber as well as a tile setter or another contractor.
  • Metal sinks have, on average, installation rates of $178 and are durable and easy to handle. Inclusive of the rim being applied to the sink, the installation can cost around $189.
  • Wall mounted sinks can cost an average of $211 with any needs to improve the supporting wall’s condition.

Supplying Materials and Parts – Total costs may go to $382 if people prefer contractors to supply them with the materials and parts required for the job. If the required materials have already been purchased, then plumbers may need only to charge costs for the time they spent in the fixture of the unit and this can cost around $154.

Types of Fixtures

  • Sink Installation with fixtures of gold finishes can cost $218.
  • Bronze style finishes will cost $207.
  • Nickel finish fixtures can cost $191.

The model and quality of fixtures will also have an impact on Sink Installation cost.

Countertop Mounting Alternatives

  • The complete process of installing a surface-mount sink can cost about $194.
  • An under-mount style with water resistant counter materials can require existing cabinetry to be modified and can cost about $229.

Cost of a Bathroom Sink

A basic acrylic bathroom sink, which includes hardware, is simple and budget friendly, and stainless steel, glass and copper sinks are more expensive and will include intricate designs and will have lots of attention to detail. Sinks with elaborate patterns are much more fancy and modernized.

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Cost of a Kitchen Sink

Decent, medium sized kitchen sinks are slightly larger than cheap sinks, and fancier ones, which are deep and spacious, are the most expensive. Primary kitchen sinks are around 22”x30” and are 8” deep.

Cheap and small one or two basin sink$50 to $100
Decent sized kitchen sink$100 to $300

Sink Installation Cost

Replacing an existing sink will require a certified plumber and the process will include the new sink being hooked to existing water and drain lines. It’s expensive to install a new sink at a new location because the job is complicated and entirely new plumbing will have to be set up.

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This guide is based on average estimate of cost values and will vary with the factors listed above that have an impact on the installation costs.