How Much Does a Home Addition Cost?

Home Addition Cost – Due to the scarcity of sufficient land available, it is no wonder that people are constantly run out of space. The problem of less space is genuine for some homeowners and others just want to see a fresh change in their houses. But in any case, changing houses is usually not the feasible option considering the market today. Choosing to go for home addition is therefore an easier and a cheaper option than buying a new house or getting involved in the real estate business.

Home additions are usually convenient and inexpensive. However, they also require concentrated efforts and strategic planning. The additions help in increasing the size and space of a home and are ideal for a family that is growing rapidly.

Other than providing space for a growing family, home additions can also increase the market value and price of your house. The design, beauty and how spacious your Home Addition Cost turns out to be, depend on your creativity, aesthetic sense and of course, your budget.

Factors to be taken in consideration for home addition cost

Some of the most important factors to consider when going for a home addition include:

  • The most important point in choosing the right home addition is that it should complement the present look of the house and should seem like a part of the same plan. It is extremely important to have the right set of architecture and plan designed before actually going for a change.
  • The home addition looks very bad if it does not synchronize with the overall structure of the home. Any addition should complement the unique layout of the existing house.
  • The most important question that arises when planning a home addition is that how much will it exactly cost? There is a range of variable factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the costs for home addition. The factors such as size and shape of the home, how much square feet are to be added, the quality of material used, current market and many other things should be taken into consideration.

Factors affecting home addition costs

It is not easy to determine how much a home addition cost will be exactly. A lot of factors come into play when determining the real amount for a home addition. And again, it varies from situation to situation. Some of the most important factors include:

  • Home to addition ratio: The first factor which makes a difference is; how much space is required. If the size of a home is big, then the home addition is also going to be big in terms with ratio – but the larger the home, the higher the cost will be. The total number of doors and windows also make a difference in the total budget.
  • Quality of material used: How is it going to affect the present structure of the house? It depends on what type of material and how much quantity of it is used. Also, a huge determinant of cost is the quality and brand of material used.
  • It varies with the type of room: It is very common to add a bedroom or living room as it significantly increases the space. It also is very common because it is considerably convenient and does not cost much. Whereas, the kitchen or bathroom addition will cost much higher than a room, living area or a garage addition. Kitchen and bathroom additions also require a lot of effort in plumbing and electrical work. They can also be more time consuming thus increasing the labor and material charges.

Determining the costs for home addition

Every home addition will cost a different amount and there is no exact estimation as to how much your house addition will exactly cost you.

To carry on with the home addition cost process, it is important to find the right contractors as well. Consult a reputed source such as national house addition referral companies as they have detailed and reliable information. Moreover, implement the above given tips and techniques to make your project for home addition easier and smoother.

Also, the home addition cost, if compared per square foot, will be higher than going for a brand new home – since synchronizing to the already exiting outlook and design of the house can take much longer. But if compared overall, home addition will cost lesser. The real estate market is not favorable these days and it is much better to go for a home addition if space is the only issue.

The general estimates for costs of various room additions in a house show that:

Table – Cost Comparison by Different Types

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These were the general estimates for each room specifically. The cost also largely depends upon the square feet for home addition.

Table- Cost Comparison by Square Feet

Area = Per Square feetTotal costs = Material + Labor costs
200-300 square feet$24,608
300-400 square feet$39,207
400-500 square feet$55,350
500-600 square feet$66,284
600-700 square feet$84,506
700-800 square feet$90,752
800-1,000 square feet$112,672

Other than these cost comparisons, many factors come into play when choosing a home addition. Some of the most important include:

Choosing the right contractor

It is very important to find the right contractor for what you want to improve. Different contractors demand various budgets and therefore, it is of utmost importance to find the right one that suits your budget and quality needs. Carefully choosing the right specifications for your home additions and strategically planning them can help you get the exact estimate. Communicate your desired outcome to the contractor and get the accurate home addition cost for your house additions.

Get estimate from various sources

Do not only contact more contractors but also take estimates from multiple resources. Tell them your needs and ask them to make estimates for the complete home addition – keeping in mind the preferred quality. Make sure they give you detailed home addition cost breakdown tables for accurate home addition estimates.