How Much Does a Storage Container Cost?

Storage Container Cost – If you are in need of some extra space for storing your goods or want to transport products from one place to another, a storage container could be what you need immediately. It provides you with extra storage space at minimal cost and can be used to ship products from one place to another because of its ability to withstand harsh climates.

Storage containers have many commercial and non-commercial uses. Commercially, they used to store and protect excess inventory, paper records, and large expensive machinery from theft and damage. Storage containers are very durable and can carry heavy weights. These are available in a variety of sizes for short-term and long-term use. Their non-commercial uses include storage of household goods, non-perishable food supplies, and other household materials.

Types of Storage Containers

Storage containers are available in a variety of sizes depending on their intended use. For non-commercial uses, smaller storage containers are used. While for commercial uses, larger storage containers that can keep large machinery and goods are manufactured by various companies. Storage containers also vary on the basis of their size, locking mechanism, doors, slides, and roof types.

Size of Storage Containers

Storage containers are available in a variety of sizes, from as small as 6 feet to as long as 54 feet. The most common storage containers are 20 to 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high. These storage containers have a storage capacity ranging from 1,200 cubic feet to 3,300 cubic feet.

  • High Cubes – High cubes are storage containers with an internal height of around 10feet. These are specially built to provide additional clearance space for large machinery and equipment.
  • Specialty Containers – These storage containers are specially built on the request of the consumer. They may range in length from 6 feet to 54 feet. Very long specialty containers such as those having a length of 45 to 53 feet cannot be shipped overseas and are used to transport goods only domestically.

Door Style

On the basis of door style, storage containers are of two types.

  • Standard Opening Storage Containers – These storage containers come with double swing doors at one end of the container. The doors are lockable and provide an easy access equal to the width of the container.
  • Customized Opening Storage Containers – Customized storage containers may have different types of doors. Some may have a double swing opening door at both sides of the container. Others may have a heavy duty roll up door installed at one end that provides easy access for loading and unloading of large heavy goods and equipment. Storage containers with roll up doors are mostly used in agriculture to store tractors and other heavy machines.

Construction of the Walls

The material used for the construction of the walls of the container determines its susceptibility to corrosion, weight, waterproofness, and resilience to harsh climates. Most commonly used material is corrugated steel. Other materials such as plywood, aluminum, and fiber glass are also used for constructing the walls.

Roof and Flooring of the Container

Almost all storage containers come with a removable steel roof to accommodate over-height machinery and equipment.

There are several options available when it comes to the flooring of the storage container. Most people opt for plywood because of its natural look, stability, strength, and water resistance. Thick steel plates are also used to cover the wooden floor to enhance durability and water-resistance. Vinyl flooring provides water and oil resistance and it is easy to clean as well.

Comparison of Storage Container Cost

Storage containers are available in a variety of sizes. For commercial purposes, 20 to 40 feet long storage containers are used, and for non-commercial uses, 12 to 16 feet long containers are most popular. Size is the major determinant of the Storage Container Cost. Other factors such as material used in the construction of walls, roof, and floor and optional features also affect the Storage Container Cost.

New Storage Container Cost

The Storage Container Cost depends on its brand, size, and additional features. The following table presents the estimated prices of various storage containers.

Size of Storage ContainerAdditional FeaturesEstimated Cost
6 feetNone$2,200
8 feetNone$3,000
10 feetNone$4,000
20 feetDouble door$4,600
20 feetHigh cube$4,700
20 feetOpen side$7,000
40 feetNone$6,300
40 feetDouble door$6,400
40 feetHigh cube$6,500
40 feetHigh cube, double door$6,800

Used Storage Container Cost

The cost of a used storage container varies from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on its condition, size, and various other factors, which are described below.

Condition – A refurbished or repaired 20 feet storage container may cost you around $1,200, but a ‘like new’ storage container of the same length may cost around $3,000.

Delivery Charges – The dealer may cost you $100 to $500 extra for delivery of the container. Therefore, it is better to choose a dealer that is in close proximity.

Quantity – Placing a large order lowers your purchasing Storage Container Cost significantly. Therefore, if you plan to buy more than one storage containers then prefer buying them from a single dealer to obtain discount on the order.

Cost of Renting a Storage Container

Renting a storage container is a reasonable option if you want extra storage space for a short period of time, for example, during seasonal sales or holidays. However, it may cost you more if you end up keeping the container longer than previously expected.

The following table presents the monthly rent rates of different sizes of storage containers.

Size of Storage ContainerAdditional FeaturesMonthly Rent (Delivery charges and taxes included)
6 feetNone$100
8 feetNone$110
10 feetNone$120
20 feetDouble door$170
20 feetHigh cube$170
40 feetNone$200
40 feetDouble door$225
40 feetHigh cube$225
40 feetHigh cube, double door$250

This is a general guide about prices of different types of storage containers. The exact price of a storage container depends on various factors, which should be carefully considered by a buyer.