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Budgeting For Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation – Whether it’s nylon or wool, carpeting is one of the most important aspects of a home. A high quality carpet can completely transform the look of any room. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your space.

That being said, proper carpet installation can be a challenging process. Similar to any home improvement project, you want to plan it out to ensure you stay within your budget.

Here is what affects your carpet installation cost:

Carpet choice

Carpets are available in different fabrics. The type of material you choose has an impact on its overall cost.

As each material has its own pros and cons, make sure you do a thorough research on different carpets’ properties – durability, stain resistance, comfort, maintenance and such.

Below are some of the most widely used carpet materials:

Wool: Wool carpets are 100% natural. They add style, comfort and value to homes. As compared to synthetic fibers, wool lasts longer. However, wool carpets are quite expensive. Installation can cost you anywhere between $50 and $90 per sq. yard.

Acrylic: Acrylic carpet has a similar texture to wool, but at a lower price. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic carpet installation cost is almost $20-$30 per sq. yard. But, acrylic is not long lasting because of low resilience.

Polyester: This is one of the most budget-friendly carpet options. Its installation is around $20-$50 per sq. yard. Moreover, polyester carpets have a soft texture and come in a variety of beautiful colors. But, polyester carpets tend to shed and are difficult to clean.

Nylon: Due to its stain resistance and durability, nylon is a popular choice. Typically, the cost of nylon carpet installation can run from $15-$50per sq yard. Nylon is also not an eco-friendly option.

Number of rooms and carpet padding

Carpet installation cost also depends on the number of rooms, carpet padding and removal of old flooring items.

Figure out where you want to install the new carpet. If you decide to get it installed throughout your home, it will obviously cost more than just a few select rooms. Additionally, the removal of old flooring materials will be added to your invoice. This is usually priced by the foot or yard. It’s better to get rid of the old materials yourself to save money.

Furthermore, depending on the material of carpet padding you choose, the installation cost might increase. Therefore, choose the right carpet padding. Typically, carpeting underlay installation cost may vary from $30 to $180.


Apart from carpet padding cost, discuss the fitting cost with your company. In most cases, carpet installation companies factor in labor costs. They calculate the labor cost by the square foot. Of course, this will vary from one room to another.

Tips to keep carpet installation cost in control

  • Try to remove all your furniture and other valuables yourself. Don’t leave it up to the carpet installer because they will charge you extra.
  • Remove the old carpet yourself.
  • Get multiple installation estimates from carpet contractors. Connect with contractors in your state here and receive carpet installation prices from them online. All quotes offered are free.

Compare quotes and choose a cost-effective carpet installation contractor in no time!