Kitchen Remodeling Cost

How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

Kitchen Remodeling Cost – Giving the kitchen a face-lift entails careful planning. Budget-conscious homeowners may want to maximize space and efficiency, or make the kitchen quite conducive to delightful family get-together or bonding sessions with friends – at the least possible cost. With some creativity and resourcefulness, it can be done. One of the busiest rooms of the house can be transformed without letting the kitchen remodeling cost spiral beyond control.

Whether you want to enhance the look of your kitchen through cozy elements, want everything within reach when cooking, or want a certain motif that will not be out of synch with the rest of your house, you can do your kitchen makeover with a few techniques. When doing spot checks and plans, like replacing a faucet, try to get one meant for your sink. Otherwise, installation may be complicated and jack up your kitchen remodeling cost.

If a family-friendly kitchen is what you want, you can enliven a staid looking ambiance with fresh coats of paint on the walls. Colors my also pop on the cabinetry, coordinated with the dining table chair cushions, tablecloth and napkins. Lovely kitchen color motifs include red-and-white or a country style with a predominance of blues and yellows with white. 

Light blue, can exude tranquility, while yellow evokes happiness. To create such a cheery kitchen through a paint job, be ready to allocate an amount in your total kitchen remodeling cost ranging from 80 to 90 dollars, including labor cost, painting supplies, post-painting cleanup and debris removal.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost – New Cabinets

If the elimination of too much clutter is your end goal for your kitchen makeover, you may invest on new cabinetry. Ready-to-install kitchen cabinets made of solid hardwood can look beautiful and will not require sanding/refinishing. Moreover, quality wooden cabinets offer longevity. Wooden cabinets may be pricey, though. The cost depends on the type of wood. If purchasing new cabinets is beyond your budget, you can keep your kitchen remodeling cost low by simply refacing your existing cabinets.

Make sure that when you plan your kitchen makeover and purchase new items, they are suited to your kitchen space. A large stainless steel refrigerator may look sleek, elegant, and thoroughly modern, but it may look odd in a small apartment unit with limited kitchen space. A 17-cubic feet Energy Star-qualified stainless steel refrigerator with top freezer can be purchased at a bargain from a leading department store chain.

Replace The Countertops

When going over your kitchen remodeling cost, one item you should not scrimp on is the kitchen countertop. You may consult with a professional to ascertain if your kitchen countertop can be salvaged through repair. Otherwise, be ready to shell out from 80 to 150 dollars per square foot of countertop. Certain materials, like plastic laminate, is affordable at only eight to 20 dollars per square foot.

Granite may cost an average of 50 dollars per square foot, while marble can scratch will range in cost from 70 to a hundred dollars per square foot installed. For a small kitchen in a tiny apartment or condominium unit, a kitchen island made of wood and marble stand may add visual appeal. Look for a design company specializing in kitchen countertops, rather than picking your kitchen remodeling look out of a catalog.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost