Kitchen Countertops Cost

How Much Do Kitchen Countertops Cost?

Kitchen Countertops CostKitchen Countertops Cost – Kitchen countertops cost a significant portion of the overall total cost involved with remodeling your kitchen. Many variables affect the overall cost of your new kitchen countertops such as material type, size, style, thickness, surface finish to name a few. 

By far the most significant cost factor is the type of material they are made from with stainless steel being the most expensive. Considering that however, bringing your countertops up to date is known to be a wise and worthwhile investment for your home.

There is such a large selection of different styles and types available today that choosing just the right countertop is something that takes a little time and research. Kitchen countertops cost vary in somewhat in different regions of the country.

Material Types and Cost

The main factor affecting what kitchen countertops cost is the material of which the product is made. The most common types of materials used are natural stone, granite, quartz, concrete, and wood. Stainless steel countertops are also readily available today, though most of these are designated for schools, campuses, the commercial food industry, and the like.

The majority of homes have wood laminated or concrete with ceramic tile surface countertops. These are the most common due to their lower cost and the readily available stock at many hardware store and lumber yard locations nationwide. Plan to pay an estimated $15 to $50 per square foot installed for wood laminated or concrete tile types of countertop depending on the exact kind or style you choose.

Natural stone, quartz, and granite countertops vary widely depending on the type of material and your personal selection. Your cost for this type of countertop will run around $5 to $150 per square foot installed.

Kitchen countertops cost will stretch your wallet a little further for stainless steel having an estimated cost around $75 to $210 per square foot installed.

Unlaminated wood and butcher block countertops are also easy to find in today’s market and will cost around $40 to $110 per square foot installed. This type is useful as your countertop and cutting board all in one.

Countertop TypeCost
Solid Surface$108 to $252 per linear foot
Laminate Surface$25 to $58 per linear foot
Marble Surface$53 to $123 per linear foot
Stainless Steel Surface$137 to $320 per linear foot
Cutting Block Solid Surface$115 to $268 per linear foot

Go to a Pro or go it Alone?

Whether you are planning an entire renovation or simply trying to add a new look or style to your kitchen; if you are trying to save some extra money by undertaking the job yourself then there are a few key points to remember. Kitchen counter installation is not a one man job in most cases. You will need the help of at least one other person. Getting countertops level and fitting correctly during and after installation is something that is better left to those with experience in this field. 

The task of cutting for the sink and other appliances if needed, fitting, and fastening your countertops can also test the skills of the do it yourselfer. There is also transportation and maneuvering the countertop into the position of the installation point itself to consider.

Exhibit Your Style

Whatever the type of material, surface, and style you settle on, your kitchen countertops cost will be reflected in the look of your kitchen. You get what you pay for. Therefore it is important to select a countertop that reflects your personal taste while projecting the appearance you want even if this means spending a few extra bucks to accomplish this feat.