How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost?

Attic Insulation Cost – How effective our attic insulation is under extreme weather can mean the difference between falling short in cash or having excess to treat ourselves to a payday dinner. Squeezing in a tighter belt every month is not always the best option. Take action, and see the numbers on your bill go down once you try these budgeting tips for attic insulation cost.

Attic insulation costs typically upwards $1500. But attic insulation costs really depend on the scale of the project. To make the most out of your money, it helps to estimate all the costs involved.

Type of insulation

Attic insulation comes in many types. The most common include mineral fiber batts and blankets, blown-in pellets, spray foam, rigid insulators and radiant barriers. Each type has its advantages depending on the circumstances of your attic, like size and complexity. Homeowners can be most flexible in this aspect.

Size of area to be insulated. The bigger the attic, the more expensive your insulation will get. Insulating rates are usually at a per square feet basis. To save up, choose more inexpensive options in other aspects. Opt for less inexpensive materials, or go for easy-to-install options to save on labor costs.

Air sealing

The attic is a network of cabling systems that work their way in nooks and crannies. All of these are places where energy can potentially escape. Leaving them unsealed is like puncturing a hole in a full-blown tire. Air sealing is a very detailed, mandatory part of the package. It can pump up additional costs by hundreds, depending on the complexity. The costs are inescapable, but an air-tight installation is efficient insulation. Think of it as the final nail to a sure-win investment.

Attic ventilation and moisture control

Part and parcel in the total attic insulation cost is ventilation and moisture control. If the attic serves as vent for air ducts, this may entail reworking the ventilation system of the whole house. Warm air and moisture from the whole house can mean mold infestations, rotting wood and degradation of the attic. The extent of work on ventilation depends on the current condition of the attic. But roofing renovation because of it is not unheard of. This can pack up to thousands more in your budget, but you can divert this now by checking your attic’s condition.

Attic Insulation Cost

Attics are dark and damp because they are often vacant. Except during spring cleaning and Christmas, the attic is a zero-activity zone. It is no surprise then that attic walls and floors can deteriorate in time, being left unchecked for the most part. This is why in addition to insulation, renovators and installers can also improve your attic by making it more functional and mold-free. Of course, this is only optional, making them the last on the list of priorities.

Consider all the flexible and fixed attic insulation cost when budgeting for installation. Do not be afraid to compromise one aspect to accommodate another. Be open to changes, but never settle for low class materials and service!