How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost?

Toilet Installation Cost – The installation of a new toilet may be done either for the purpose of a full bathroom renovation, or because of a necessity in a repair project.

New toilets may need to be installed so that several problems that arise from clogged bowls, damaged fixtures, and water leaks may be eliminated. Some benefits of installing a new toilet are listed below:

  • There will be savings on utility bills as costly fixtures will not need to be done.
  • When a new toilet is replaced by an outdated model, it is helpful in conserving huge amounts of water for every flush.
  • Once the new toilet is installed, there will be no worries about possible water flooding or extensive clogging.
  • There are numerous varieties of modernized toilets with sleek, white porcelain designs that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom.

New Toilet Installation Process

Normally, when a new toilet is installed, it takes about one or two hours. A standard procedure generally includes the following steps:

  • The water turned off and disconnected.
  • If the shut-off valve is not functioning properly then it needs to be repaired.
  • To check for any required repairs, the old toilet is drained out and removed.
  • The wax ring seal is replaced and the flange, which forms a connection of toilet to the drainpipe on the floor, is inspected for damages relating to wear and tear.
  • The new toilet is then set. The water is connected, and a test of all of the newly installed parts is conducted to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Factors of Consideration for the Cost of Installing a New Toilet

When installing a new toilet, the factors to consider are based on the type and style of toilet chosen to be installed. Let’s explore these factors below:

Types of Toilets

The largest factor in cost consideration is the type of toilet. Mentioned below are the types of toilets to choose from:

  • Round Bowl Toilets – These are two-piece designs that consist of a separate bowl and a tank. They are less expensive, perfect for small bathrooms, and are a better choice for children.
  • Elongated Bowl Toilets – These are sleeker and come with features like heated seats. They are more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and more expensive. They occupy more space and consist of flushing actions that are more powerful.

Toilets by Flushing Style and Mechanisms

  • Gravity-Flush Toilet– These are most commonly found in homes. These are inexpensive, quieter flushes, simpler to repair and have few mechanical parts. The flushing action is generated by water weight and is accompanied by a siphoning action.
  • Pressure-Assist Toilet – These have more powerful flushes, produce louder sounds, have cleaner bowls and are mostly used in commercial buildings. They are more expensive and require frequent maintenance. Their mechanism is based on pressurized air which forces water into the toilet bowl, reducing clogs.
  • Vacuum-Assist Toilet – These toilets have flushes that are stronger than gravity-flushes but not as powerful as pressure-assist flushes.
  • Dual-Flush Toilets – These use two flush handles or buttons to flush different water levels and have the ability to save more water. This water conservation toilet offers options of partial and full flushes for liquid or solid disposal of waste.

Average Toilet Installation Cost

The actual costs of toilets are dependent upon the model and the options that are selected. It also depends on the whether the toilet flooring is in need of repairs and on the location of the installation. Toilets can cost from $100 and rise up to $4,000 or more for toilets that are equipped with modernized features such as heated seats, sensors or self cleaning capabilities.

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The cost of Toilet Installation comes in the range of $75 to $150 and could lead to more charges if there is any requirement for extensive labor.

Cost of Installing New Toilets in Homes and in Businesses

  • Toilet installation is completed for $140 based on average price in single family homes, and accessibility issues can have an influence on the costs of installation to go up to $160.
  • For commercial business facilities, toilets are usually tankless and are designed for the accommodation of business operations, and they therefore have different installation requirements that can go up to $400.