How Much Does Front Door Replacement Cost?

Front Door Replacement Cost – A front door replacement cost will depend on your choice of a front door. If your present front door cost too much in terms of stress and money because it is drafty and your electric bill is soaring, then it’s about time you have it replaced. But what will you replace it with?

A front door needs to be sturdy and strong to be able to ward-off intruders. It should also be able to bear up to the onslaught of the elements – scorching sun, snow, rain and wind – keep off the draft for more energy efficiency.

In addition to all these requirements, your new front door should be attractive and appealing since it is the first thing that visitors will see when they come to visit. Is this asking too much of a front door? Not at all, your front door replacement should be able to accomplish all that and more.

Here are your choices for a Front Door Replacement Cost:

Wood. Front doors made of wood are some of the most elegant and beautiful front doors. Wood is also a very versatile material. Front doors made in wood can either come with natural finish or custom wood doors in cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, pine and fir. There are also wooden doors made of paint grade softwood lumber such as western hemlock and pine.

A number of stock wood front doors are made of wood core sandwiched between wood veneer skins. Front door replacement cost with wood will depend on the kind of wood used for the slab door.

A front door replacement can simply mean replacing the slab door or a more entailed operation where you’ll need to also remove and change the door frame. This is especially true when the door frame parts such as the threshold and door jamb are starting to rot or completely rotten. And, of course, a new door is better with a new frame even if it’s still in good condition for a perfect fit. Most modern entry doors are pre-hung or doors that come with a new frame and hang on hinges. These pre-hung doors are the best options if you also need to replace the door frame.

Fiberglass. Fiberglass doors can be an absolute look-alike of an authentic wooden door and are also quite secure and offer great energy efficient. It has the added advantage of being more impervious to the punishment of Mother Nature, don’t warp or scratch like wood, and don’t scratch or get dented like steel doors. Fiberglass doors are also very easy to maintain. They come with wood-grain or smooth texture and can be painted or to complement the decor of your home. Front door replacement cost is a lot less expensive when done with fiberglass.

Steel. For utmost security, many homeowners choose a steel front door. These doors are also considered the best when it comes to insulation. Like fiberglass, steel doors can also be made to duplicate up- market wood front doors. They can come in a wide selection glass options and panel designs with either a wood or steel edge. Steel doors can also be painted to harmonize with your home décor and color. Front door replacement cost with steel doors is also quite reasonably priced.

When you have your front door replaced, whatever type of door you choose make sure that the installer is certified and insured.