How Much Does Broken Window Repair Cost?

Window Repair Cost – Window repairs can be done by hand, but professional help is very much advisable. Why? Repairing broken windows is not simply a matter of replacing them. Certain specifications must be met, including type of window and severity of the damage. Most damaged windows can also leave dangerous shards that are unsafe to handle. To compute broken window repair costs, it is important to know what factors should be considered.

Replacing the Glass

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Broken window repair cost depends on the type and brand of the glass used. Most window professionals estimate a repair on a per square foot basis. The bigger the broken glass, the more expensive it is.

It is important to be definite with the size of the original glass pane to make sure that you’re getting the right size. In cases where the whole glass window is damaged, a full replacement may be needed. This costs significantly more than just minor repair.

Window Fixing

Sashed windows are often removable. This means that you can take the broken window pane to window professionals. By doing this, the damaged window can be treated away from the home, avoiding untoward accidents from occurring. Here, they can finish final preparation for replacement, such as removing the old shattered glass and cleaning out the old putty. A fixed window should be treated in another way. In this case, do-it-yourself methods can be done. 

Do-it-yourself window repair requires certain tools and expertise to do the job correctly. But to avoid potentially damaging the trim and exposing oneself to harm, it will help to hire a handyman to do the repair for you. The choice between do-it-yourself and hiring makes a huge difference in broken window repair cost, but should nevertheless be considered to ensure safety and guarantee quality work.

Repairing the Frame

Some window professionals may extend their services to repairing the frames if they see that the frame has also been damaged. Another reason to repair the frame is rotted wood. While rotted wood frame does not directly affect the condition of glass panes, they can slowly eat away the frame and cause significant damage if left untreated. 

Rotting is also an indication of design or architectural failure on the window or how it is positioned on the wall. When rotting is visible on the window frame, homeowners should survey their other windows for similar signs. Low quality frames can increase broken window repair cost.

Final Pointers on Window Repair

Window repair is relatively the easiest project when renovating windows. But broken window repair cost can shoot up when incidents are isolated. To avoid paying for more than what is needed, evaluate costs from various companies and choose those that can fit into your budget.

The importance of credibility and reliability cannot be stressed more when looking for professional window repair companies. Despite being a small-scale project, window repair is a very precise and detailed work. If possible, supervise all replacement jobs. This way, you can ensure the quality of the product and the service.