How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation Repair Cost – Foundation settlement, requiring foundation repair can be caused by improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around the foundations. Bulging floors, cracks in the foundation, doors that will not open & close properly are all signs of foundation distress that may require a foundation repair. Foundation settlement can actually destroy the structures and even render them unsafe.

Reasons to call a foundation repair expert

Drainage: Water that is not properly drained away from structures will lead to excess moisture build up. At that point, the moisture could then lead to erosion and cause major settling of the foundation.

Evaporation: Hot & dry conditions will cause soils to pull away from the foundations.

Plumbing: Water from leaky plumbing can also be a contributor to foundation problems.

Foundation problems usually appear on the exterior of the property in the form of cracks in the mortar or bricks.

It doesn’t matter if your home is a one-bedroom townhouse or a multi-bedroom home, if the foundation has problems, then your whole house has problems. Your home is the most important investment, you will probably ever make that is why it is very important that you start to protect it now.

The recommended first step for foundation repair is to contact a foundation repair contractor. They can schedule to have one of their certified foundation repair experts examine the situation for you. Obtaining an expert opinion on the causes and available solutions is a necessary step in securing your home & foundation. They can provide you with a detailed analysis of your foundation problems. The analysis involves an interior & exterior examination of the structure, interior floor elevations, load calculations, and a recommendation on the repair methods along with a price. Then they will give you a foundation repair cost.

After the job has been completed, foundation repair contractor will provide you with a report containing all the hydraulic measurements and depths that the piers were installed. This report will contain important data, that should be saved during the life of the structure.

Foundation Repair Cost

FOR CONCRETE GRINDING: Concrete grinding services are based on the type of grinding being requested. Usually, simple grinding on sidewalks and walkways is a simple “price per location”, usually ranging from $35 to $50 depending on quantity and size. Larger, non-standard areas are usually prices by either square foot of area, or the number of cubic inches that will be ground down. Estimates should be free of charge.

FOR CONCRETE RAISING: Concrete raising services, also known as mudjacking or slabjacking, are typically priced by square foot of area being raised, or the volume of material expected to be used to fill under the concrete surface. Prices will range widely based on the area, amount needing to be raised, access, total amount of area, estimated material, local material costs and other factors. Expect to pay from $2.50 to $6.50 or more per square foot.

FOR FOUNDATION REPAIR: Foundation repairs, or underpinning, is usually based on the number of pier locations required to stabilize or lift the structure. The Foundation Repair Cost quoted usually contains a certain number of feet of piers (based on local averages), with additional charges for deeper depths. Prices vary based on current prices of steel (which is very expensive and fluctuates frequently), local costs for skilled labor, and the amount of competition. 

Expect to pay between $1,100 to $1,700 per pier. Some areas also require complex engineering and permits from the local municipality. Expect to pay from $900 to $5,000 additional for these services depending on the area. Other cost may include the removal of obstructions (trees, concrete), access or hillside work, and void filling the area under the structure if it is being raised. And, since preparing accurate quotes requires at minimum 2-4 hour of inspection, analysis and work, some companies will charge a small fee for the initial evaluation which can be applied to the job if ordered from the same company.