How Much Does Maid Service / House Cleaning Cost?

House Cleaning is a chore that most people would rather avoid, yet it’s a necessary task to maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling household and work responsibilities, or someone who simply prefers to spend their time on other pursuits, hiring a professional house cleaning service can be a practical solution.

In fact, budgeting for a weekly cleaning service or maid service on a regular basis can be worth the investment for the additional freedom and time you get back. Additionally, for those with reduced mobility or recovering from an injury, it can be beneficial to employ a service to handle the big jobs like cleaning gutters or removing junk.

However, the cost of house cleaning can vary significantly based on several factors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various factors that influence house cleaning costs and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

The Importance of House Cleaning

Before delving into the cost of house cleaning, it’s essential to understand why maintaining a clean home is crucial. A clean and organized living space contributes to overall well-being and comfort. It reduces stress, promotes physical and mental health, and enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Regular house cleaning is not just about appearances; it’s also about hygiene. A clean house reduces the risk of illnesses caused by germs and allergens, making it a safer environment for you and your family. It’s particularly important for those with allergies or respiratory issues, as a clean home can significantly improve their quality of life.

What factors determine the cost of a professional house cleaning service?

The pricing of professional house cleaning services hinges on various key factors, including the home’s size, the number of rooms and bathrooms, the extent of cleaning needed, any extra services desired (like window cleaning), and the property’s geographical location.

These elements collectively shape the overall cost and tailor the cleaning service to meet your specific needs. By understanding these determinants, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right cleaning package for your home. Consequently, the final price is influenced by a combination of these crucial considerations.

Factors That Influence House Cleaning Costs

House cleaning costs can vary widely, depending on a combination of factors. Here are some of the key elements that influence how much you can expect to pay for house cleaning services:

1. Size of Your Home

The size of your home, also known as home size, is one of the most significant factors affecting the cost of cleaning services. The more square footage you have, the more time and effort it will take to clean your home thoroughly. Larger homes typically require more supplies and more cleaning personnel, which drives up the cost. Labor is another important factor to consider.

Factor in your hourly rate for your team’s labor, multiply your hourly rate by the number of workers for that job and add 18% payroll on top. That’s your bare minimum amount for any job, not including overhead costs and other factors.

2. Type of Cleaning Required

The level of cleaning you need also plays a vital role in determining the cost. There are various cleaning services available, ranging from basic cleaning to deep cleaning, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Basic cleaning generally includes routine tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.

Deep cleaning involves more intensive cleaning tasks, such as scrubbing baseboards, cleaning inside appliances, and tackling stubborn grime and buildup. A professional cleaner helps you determine your needs based on your goals. The more comprehensive the cleaning, the higher the cost.

3. Frequency of Cleaning

How often you need cleaning services is another factor that impacts the overall cost. You can choose from one-time, occasional, or regular cleaning schedules. One-time and occasional cleanings are typically more expensive per visit, while regular cleaning services often come at a lower cost per visit due to the ongoing relationship with the cleaning service provider.

Another factor that affects cleaning service pricing is the experience level of the cleaner. A more experienced cleaner can charge a premium, but if you’re less experienced, wait to charge a higher rate until you have the reputation and know-how to back it up. The extra time taken by the cleaner might also influence the cost.

4. Location

The geographical location in which you reside plays a significant role in determining the cost of house cleaning services. Typically, prices are elevated in urban areas characterized by a higher cost of living.

Conversely, in rural areas or regions where the cost of living is lower, you are more likely to encounter cleaning services that are more economically priced. Therefore, the geographical factor is pivotal in shaping the range of costs you can expect for house cleaning in your area.

5. Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home is another important consideration. Cleaning these spaces often involves extra work, as they tend to accumulate more dust, dirt, and grime. House cleaning services may charge based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the total number of rooms in your home.

Professional house cleaners also need to know the number of bathrooms in your home to determine the house cleaning cost by the hour or square footage. As we all know too well, cleaning a bathroom often takes up much more time than other rooms.

6. Special Requests

If you have specific requests or unique cleaning needs, these can influence the cost. For example, if you need a particular type of eco-friendly cleaning product or have valuable or fragile items that require extra care, these will all impact the overall cost.

Providing cleaning supplies to the service or individual cleaners is one way to reduce the expense of cleaning jobs. This also allows some control over the choices of cleaning supplies used in the home, which can result in a lower rate for the house cleaning services.

7. Condition of the Home

The current condition of your home can also affect the price of cleaning services. If your home hasn’t been cleaned in a while and requires deep cleaning to address significant dirt and clutter, you can expect a higher cost compared to a well-maintained home that only requires routine cleaning.

8. Accessibility

The accessibility of your home can be a factor as well. If your home is challenging to access due to its location or layout, such as multi-story homes with limited elevator access or homes with steep driveways, it may require additional time and effort, thus increasing the cost.

9. Service Provider

The choice of the cleaning service provider can also impact the cost. Professional cleaning companies often charge more than independent cleaners or small local businesses. However, established cleaning companies may provide additional benefits such as insurance coverage, a team of trained cleaners, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Average House Cleaning Costs

Now that we’ve explored the factors influencing house cleaning costs, let’s dive into the average costs for different types of house cleaning services in the United States. Keep in mind that these figures are approximate and can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned earlier.

1. Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning typically includes routine cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and basic kitchen and bathroom cleaning. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • For a small apartment or studio: $80 to $150 per visit.
  • For a one or two-bedroom home: $100 to $200 per visit.
  • For a three or four-bedroom home: $150 to $250 per visit.
  • For larger homes: Prices can go beyond $250 per visit.

These are rough estimates, and actual prices may differ based on your location, the cleaning company, and specific requirements.

2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves more extensive cleaning tasks and is typically done less frequently than basic cleaning. The cost of deep cleaning is higher due to the additional time and effort required. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • For a small apartment or studio: $150 to $250 per visit.
  • For a one or two-bedroom home: $200 to $350 per visit.
  • For a three or four-bedroom home: $250 to $400 per visit.
  • For larger homes: Prices can exceed $400 per visit.

Deep cleaning is often performed on a less frequent basis, such as quarterly or semi-annually.

3. Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Move-in and move-out cleanings are typically more comprehensive and involve cleaning the entire house, including inside cabinets and appliances. The average cost for move-in/move-out cleaning is around:

  • For a small apartment or studio: $200 to $300.
  • For a one or two-bedroom home: $300 to $500.
  • For a three or four-bedroom home: $400 to $700.
  • For larger homes: Prices can go beyond $700.

4. Specialty Cleaning Services

Specialty cleaning services, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, are usually priced separately. The cost depends on the type of service and the size of the area to be cleaned.

As a rough estimate, window cleaning can cost between $2 to $7 per window, carpet cleaning can range from $25 to $75 per room, and upholstery cleaning can vary from $50 to $200 per piece of furniture.

5. Hourly Rates

Some cleaning services charge by the hour rather than offering fixed prices. Hourly rates can vary widely, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour per cleaner. The total cost will depend on the number of cleaners and the number of hours they spend cleaning your home.

Hiring an individual house cleaner is a great alternative to hiring a cleaning company. Not only are individual cleaners usually cheaper to hire than companies, but they’re also typically more flexible when your schedule changes on a whim.

6. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Cleaning

If you opt for ongoing cleaning services on a regular schedule, you can often secure a lower per-visit rate. Many cleaning companies offer discounts for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services. The cost can vary widely but usually ranges from $100 to $250 per visit for a standard-sized home.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Does A House Cleaning Cost

1. How do cleaning companies typically charge for their services?

Cleaning companies typically determine their charges by taking various factors into account. These factors include the size of your residence, the specific cleaning requirements, your geographical location, and how frequently you schedule their services.

Additionally, cleaning companies may offer set prices for their standard cleaning packages or opt to bill on an hourly basis, depending on your preferences and the scope of the job. This flexibility allows customers to choose a pricing structure that aligns with their individual needs.

2. What’s the average cost of a one-time deep cleaning for a medium-sized home?

A single deep cleaning session for a medium-sized home typically costs between $200 and $400, though the exact amount may vary depending on where you’re located and the particular cleaning service you choose. The price range accounts for different regional rates and the pricing policies of different cleaning providers.

3. Are tips expected for house cleaning services, and if so, how much should I tip?

Tipping for house cleaning services, while not mandatory, is a customary way to express gratitude. It’s a convention to provide a tip within the bracket of 15% to 20% of the total bill.

It’s worth mentioning that you have the freedom to adjust the tip based on your assessment of the service quality and the complexity of the cleaning tasks accomplished. This flexibility ensures that you can reward exceptional service accordingly.

4. Do cleaning services typically include the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment?

The majority of professional cleaning services come fully equipped with their own cleaning supplies and tools. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to double-check this aspect with the cleaning company when you’re in the process of obtaining a quote.

Occasionally, clients may opt to provide their cleaning supplies themselves, which can be driven by concerns related to allergies or personal preferences regarding specific cleaning products or materials. This open dialogue ensures that both the cleaning service and the client are aligned on expectations and requirements.

5. Can I save money by scheduling less frequent cleaning services, such as monthly instead of weekly?

Yes, less frequent cleaning services often come at a lower cost per visit. Cleaning companies may offer discounts for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services. However, keep in mind that the level of cleanliness between visits may vary, and you may need to do some maintenance cleaning in the interim to keep your home in good condition.

How to Find the Right Cleaning Service

Choosing the right cleaning service is essential to ensure that you receive the level of service you desire at a fair price. Here are some tips to help you find the right cleaning service provider:

1. Research and Read Reviews

Start by doing your research. Look for cleaning companies or independent cleaners in your area. Check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have used cleaning services. Reading reviews can provide insights into the quality of service and reliability of the provider.

2. Get Multiple Quotes

To ensure you get a competitive price, it’s a good idea to obtain quotes from multiple cleaning service providers. This will give you a better understanding of the average price range in your area and help you make an informed decision.

3. Ask About Services Included

When requesting quotes, be clear about the services you expect and ask what’s included in the price. Some companies may charge extra for certain tasks, so it’s important to clarify what is covered in the base price.

4. Check for Insurance

It’s advisable to choose a cleaning service that is fully insured. Insurance not only protects the cleaning company and its employees but also offers you peace of mind. In the event of accidental damage or injury, insurance can cover the costs.

5. Inquire About Satisfaction Guarantees

Ask if the cleaning service offers a satisfaction guarantee. Reputable companies stand by their work and will return to address any issues if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning.

6. Consider Your Schedule

Think about your preferred cleaning schedule. Some services are flexible and can accommodate your needs, while others may have set schedules. Make sure the cleaning service you choose aligns with your availability and cleaning frequency.

7. Request References

If you have any doubts about a cleaning service’s reliability or quality, don’t hesitate to ask for references. Speaking with previous clients can provide valuable insights into the company’s performance.

Additional Cost Considerations

When budgeting for house cleaning, it’s important to keep in mind a few additional cost considerations:

1. Tips

While tipping is not mandatory, it’s a common practice to show appreciation for a job well done. The amount you tip can vary, but a standard guideline is to tip 15% to 20% of the total bill. You can adjust the tip based on the quality of service and the complexity of the job.

2. Taxes

Certain areas may impose taxes on cleaning services. To ensure compliance with tax regulations, it’s advisable to consult with either the cleaning company or your local tax authorities for a clear understanding of your tax responsibilities.

3. Cancellation Fees

Certain areas may impose taxes on cleaning services. To ensure compliance with tax regulations, it’s advisable to consult with either the cleaning company or your local tax authorities for a clear understanding of your tax responsibilities.

4. Add-On Services

Additional services, like laundry or dishwashing, come at an extra cost beyond the standard cleaning. It’s crucial to have a conversation with the cleaning company beforehand to determine the specific pricing for these add-on services.

This proactive approach allows you to budget for the additional costs and avoid any surprises on your cleaning invoice. Clear communication with the service provider ensures that you receive a comprehensive quote that accurately reflects the services you require.

5. DIY Cleaning

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider doing some of the cleaning yourself. Routine cleaning tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and basic bathroom cleaning can be managed by homeowners to reduce the frequency and cost of professional cleaning services.


House cleaning is vital for a healthy and comfortable living space, but the cost varies based on factors like home size, cleaning type, and location. On average, basic cleaning for a standard-sized home costs $100 to $250, while deep cleaning or specialty services can be more expensive. Hourly rates range from $25 to $50 per cleaner.

To find the right service, research, gather quotes, and ask about services, insurance, and references. Consider tips, taxes, cancellation fees, and add-ons when budgeting. It’s an investment in your well-being and home comfort, so choose wisely for a clean and healthy living space within your budget.