House Cleaning Cost

How Much Does Maid Service / House Cleaning Cost?

House Cleaning CostHouse Cleaning Cost – House cleaning is not an easy task therefore you can expect that when you need such service, you have to have enough to cover the expenses. Home cleaning service fee typically range from $25 to $35 per hour. 

This is the cost for most companies offering such service but the fee can be lower if you hire an individual who is just providing the service freelance. The house cleaning cost may seem really high but if you get a very good service provider, you will end up satisfied in the end. It is very important to find the right people to do the work so you will not go on wasting your money.

House Cleaning Companies

Many house cleaning companies normally send their employees to your home with all materials needed for the cleaning services. Other companies many need additional cleaning tools or will demand that you provide the tools and materials they need because they can only provide the cleaning service. 

Whatever works for you is important and you need to be sure to find the right people. Hiring companies with their own tools may seem advantageous but be sure to check on the reviews of the previous homeowners so you will know if the cleaning cost is worthy as well as their service.

Freelance Home Cleaners

If you choose to hire freelance home cleaners, you have the potential to pay less. If you know how to find the right person you might just be lucky to pay for a low price and get great service. But this is not the case for all because some might just be over-advertising themselves and you ended up getting a lazy cleaner with poorly done house cleaning. 

The best way to ensure you hire the right person is by getting recommendations from the people you know. Checking for information online can also help especially if you are looking for someone just within your area of residence.

The risk in hiring private individuals or freelance cleaners does not only lie in getting poor service or lazy attitude. There is also risk of theft no matter how inquisitive your interview or how complete the background check and documents you got from the applicant. Having them steal items from your property is always a possibility. If you can get good recommendations from your friends on who to hire, it will be a big help. 

They might know the person well and if in case the service provider misbehaves, you good chances of running after them. On the contrary, if you hire a house cleaning company and employee does not provide a good job, you get compensated. The employer is liable to how employees behave and provides their service. You can complain all you want if you are not satisfied and you will get back your money’s worth.

House Cleaning Cost

House cleaning cost may not be always at the range of $30 to $35 per hour although it is typically within that bracket. It may depend on how far you can stretch your budget to ensure you get the right service you want.