Attic Fan Cost

How Much Does an Attic Fan Cost?

Attic Fan

Attic Fan Cost

Most families use the attic to store old and used items like clothing and photo albums. If you do not have any kind of ventilation in the attic, your home can become very warm and damp. You do not want mold to ruin your possessions. It is vital to install an attic exhaust fan to protect your home from damage.

During the cold season, condensation can easily take place which form water droplets that will make the entire place wet. With moisture, your possessions like blankets, sofa and other items made from insulating materials may be damaged by mold and mildew. Therefore, it is recommended to have roof exhaust fan to ventilate the place so as to prevent the build up of moisture. In addition, with the help of venting, your home can be cool down during the warm seasons. 

The attic can become very hot and stuffy during the hot summer in the absence of any ventilation. Your home central cooling system can definitely function better and faster in bringing down the temperature in your house when the attic can be cool down effectively with good ventilation.

When designing and constructing a new home, it is important to include a roof attic fan to allow good air circulation in your home. Just imagine that the warm air in your home rises to the attic and accumulates there without any way to escape. It can be very uncomfortable to work or live in the house when extreme weather comes. The ventilation is vital for both cold and hot weather.

There are several different types of vents for the attic to suit different kinds of rooftops and buildings. Hence you should understand better about the different vents before you can actually purchase the correct types. Below are 5 different types of vents.

  • Gable Vents
  • Soffit Vents
  • Solar Powered Fans
  • Turbine Roof Vents
  • Powered Roof Exhaust Fans

With a thermostat, the device can control the temperature in the attic better. These fans allow greater air flow in the area even with the absence of moving air. You may also like to combine the power of both gable vent and a roof exhaust fan to efficiently greatly improve the air flow in the attic and hence, your home.

Solar Powered Attic Fans

Attic Fan CostOne common advantage about using the solar powered attic fans is the saving of electric bills. A small solar panel which can supply 10 to 20 watts is installed in the device in order to power the DC motor in the presence of sunlight. Since it is powered by sunlight, the fan runs at a faster rate when we experience more heat from the sun. 

That is why the solar powered fan can function very efficiently to cool down the attic temperature during very hot days. And using one will reduce your attic fan cost.

Unlike the conventional types of fans which re powered by the main in your home, you do not have to bother about the wiring when installing your new attic fans. Without drawing the electricity from your home, you save on the monthly electric bills which you should be paying if you were to use the traditional kinds. However, you should also take note that the sun powered types can be a little more costly than the conventional fans.

When comes to installing the solar powered fans, you should know how attic fan installation to get the maximum benefits from the attic exhaust fan. Since you need the sunlight to power the fan, the position on the roof should be significant because you want the solar panel to expose to as much sunlight as possible. If the place you want to position the fan cannot capture as much sunlight as another position, you would have to separate the attic fan and solar panel so that you could get the maximum benefits.

Install a Whole House Attic Fan

To many homeowners, the best way to bring down the temperature in the house is to use a whole house fan. Everyone knows that the cost of running the air conditioners can be quite high and the pressure of paying your electric bills can also be high especially during the hot season. The attic fan, on the other hand, can save you a lot of money since the attic fan cost of operating it is much lesser.

You might think that you can save in the long run but you have to invest a lot more now, but this is a very wrong common assumption. In fact, the installation of the whole house attic fan is affordable to most families. The whole attic fan cost price ranges from about $200 to $1000, depending on the different models. This is also why you should always consider some important factors like the size of your house before you make a decision on the model. 

The relationship between the size of your house and the type of fan is that if you have a larger house, you will need a better and higher price fan to effectively cool down you entire house. There are also some cases when you need two fans instead of one.