How Much Does A New Shower Cost?

New Shower Cost – Showers have swelling nozzles or hoses with mounting brackets that are aimed downwards to their users, spraying them with water, and are used during bathing. They are gaining more and more popularity in modern day homes and choosing the shower that is right for homes or bathrooms that are being remodeled may be a difficult task especially on a restricted budget.

Benefits of Installing a New Shower

New showers are usually installed in homes either because of bathrooms being remodeled or to replace an old shower that is not functioning in a proper manner. Listed below are a few benefits of installing a new shower:

  • A shower is a necessity that is good for small bathrooms where installing a bathtub may not be an option due to a limitation of space.
  • Installing a shower can lead to savings in water and bills as a full tub utilizes almost three times more water than the amount used in a short and quick shower.
  • It frees up space in bathrooms as compared to bathtubs and the extra space can be utilized for storage cabinets and units.
  • They are available in a large variety with different sizes, shapes, and finishes to suit the needs of various individuals and households.
  • Showers are quicker to use and require less effort as compared with running a bath.
  • It makes for a good centerpiece in the bathroom and can greatly enhance the appeal and look of any bathroom.

Factors That Impact Installation Shower Cost

  • Types of Showers – The cost of installing a new shower greatly depends on the type of shower that is chosen. There is a wide range of showers from standard bare-bones shower enclosures to ones that are shower-tub combinations. The combination models will be more expensive to install due to complicated installation process.
  • Installation of a Shower Pan – Shower pans are used for preventing any leakages and are placed underneath the flooring. Some use tiled floors while others use them as the floor of the shower itself. At times, these shower pans can be even more costly than the tiled floors and if there is a need for a shower pan, then this should also be included as one of the factors that will influence the cost of installing a new shower.
  • Shower Fixtures – Shower fixtures like shower heads and faucets can be included in some varieties and can impact the shower cost of new shower installations, especially if multiple shower heads are installed.
  • Shower Materials – Materials that showers are made up of, such as fiberglass, tile, stone and ceramic, can also have an impact on the price of shower installations. Glass and fiberglass units are priced at approximately $450, while tile showers are categorized as being the most expensive of all options as they are more customizable and are available in many styles. Ceramic tile, on the other hand, are affordable as compared to stone options, which are more labor intensive. Materials for a full shower can go from $634 to $2,093.
  • Types of Fixture Finish – Polished chrome and nickel are the most common materials used for shower fixtures and any of them can be purchased for costs ranging from $150 to over $550. Cheaper fixture materials can get rusted in just a few months and purchasing the ones that are more towards the expensive side can prove to be beneficial in the long run.
  • Addition of Shower Doors – Simple glass doors don’t Shower Cost too much and help in completing the experience of taking a shower.
  • Installation of a Bath Fan – Bath fans are not too expensive and help with ventilation in a bathroom.

Costs of New Showers

Actual costs of new showers are dependent on the materials being used, the location, complexity in the installation process and other such factors.

Description Costs Ranges
Basic shower enclosure$400 to $600
Bath/shower combination unit or top-of –the-line surround$1,500 to $3,000 or more
Shower surround installed by a plumber$150 to $300
Total cost for new shower surround$1,200 to $2,000 on an average
Tile shower installation$1,500 at a minimum
Tile shower installations with add-ons (new faucets and tub)$5,000 or more

Shower liners with acrylic or plastic sleeves that can be slipped over the existing installation are an optional solution to enhance the aesthetic appeal of bathrooms and can cost from $750 to $1,500 when installed.

Before installing a new shower, the above mentioned considerations should be kept in mind according to the needs and requirements of the buyers in determining your shower cost.