How Much Does A Tree Removal Service Cost?

Tree Removal Service Cost – Removing trees especially when it is huge should be left to the professionals. Professionals are equipped and experience in this kind of job. They know exactly what to do with any tree size. They can remove trees without damaging its surrounding structures in the area. 

Complicated as it may seem, for the consumers, it is also difficult to decide on who are you going to hire to do the task. If this is your first time to have trees remove, it can be a difficult situation because you need to know if you will get a fair deal from a tree removal company. Tree removal cost usually depends on several aspects

Cost Depends On Size Of Tree

The most important factor to consider in tree removal service cost is the trees’ size. The bigger the tree, the harder it is to remove, the bigger the cost. Tree removal services sometimes classify trees into three categories: the small, medium and large tree. Small trees size range from 1 to 25 feet and is between 3 to 12 inches thick, it is priced at $100 per foot while medium trees range from 26 to 50 feet with 1 to 2 feet thick which sometimes cost around $400

Large trees are 50 to 90 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet thick. If you are to pay for large trees, expect to pay around $800. A tree that is over 90 feet tall may cost $1000 or above since tall trees are complicated to remove, its price can even become higher depending on its proximity.

Tree removal cost can range from $150 to $1000, but their prices can be higher as tree removal companies based their prices on the thickness and height of the tree. Aside from the trees’ height and weight, another factor to consider in the removal cost, is the tree’s location, its form and its twigs and branches. Cutting trees are a sensitive job especially if the tree to be cut is close to a building or utility lines. Dead trees will definitely cost more because this job can be very complex.

With everything being considered, it will cost around hundreds to thousands of dollars to have a tree remove. For you to be sure that you will get a fair deal on the price, discuss carefully all other possible charges that come with the service you need before entering into an agreement with a tree removal company. This will ensure you that what you get is the best deal of all.