How Much Does Removing Wallpaper Cost?

Removing Wallpaper Cost – If the homeowners are planning to paint their wallpapered walls or apply a new wallpaper, they first need to remove their old wallpaper so that they can get started with the application of fresh paint or new wallpaper.

Wallpaper Removal Procedure

For the removal of wallpaper, contractors and professionals usually follow a very basic procedure. Firstly, drop clothes are laid down onto the floors, furniture and carpet in order to protect them. Then, a stripping solution is mixed with hot water and then this mixture is applied to the walls, normally, with the usage of a sponge or roller.

After the mixture has been applied to the walls, they start to peel off, if they don’t, another coat is applied, and then the peeling off process begins. This process is repeated until the whole of the wallpaper is removed.

There are two other methods that are used for removing wallpaper which are described below:

  • Dry-Stripping – If wall coverings are easily strippable, each strip needs to be loosened at the corners, preferably with a putty knife, and then peeled back at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees. Pulling the wallpaper straight can damage the surface underneath.
  • Steaming – A steamer is needed for tough wallpaper removal situations, for example, to remove wallpaper that was not properly applied to a sealed surface, to remove several layers of wallpaper, or to remove wallpaper that was coated with paint. Drywall is more susceptible to water damage and should be steamed with caution.

Factors Determining the Cost of Wallpaper Removal

The costs of having wallpaper removed can be determined by the factors mentioned below that have an impact on the process:

  • Type of Walls – Walls are mostly of two types, they are either plaster or drywall. Plaster is smoother, colder, and harder than drywall and by tapping the walls, one can discover that drywall gives off a hollow sound while plaster walls don’t. Drywall is also more vulnerable to water damage than plaster.Before removing wallpaper, it is significant to know the amount of moisture that can be taken by the walls, as wallpaper removal charges can be dependent on the amount of time taken to complete the job. And time is dependent on the type of wall the paper is placed on.
  • Type of Wall Covering – If walls are covered with strippable dry paper, removal becomes extremely fast, simple and cheap because the covering can then just be peeled back easily. If the wall covering is not coming off, or if only the top coating is able to come off, then other more invasive techniques of removal are adopted.
  • Amount of Wallpaper – Costs of removal will vary depending on the amount of wallpaper there is to remove. On the basis of an average estimate, the following costs can be incurred for removing wallpaper from the areas mentioned below:
    • $581 for more than 200 square feet of wallpaper
    • $306 for 100 to 200 square feet
    • $166 for 50 to 100 square feet
    • $127 for 50 square feet

    Working in the middle of complicated objects such as cabinets and furniture and fixtures can further add to the wallpaper removal costs.

  • Location – Location is another factor that plays a part in impacting the costs of having wallpaper removed. Removing wallpaper from walls that are on a single level in a large open area, is usually an uncomplicated process without the need of any special equipment to be used, and will, therefore, not cost as much as rooms with multiple corners and ceilings.

Average charges for the removal of wallpaper from different rooms are specified in the table below:

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Removing Wallpaper Cost

Charges for the removal of wallpaper are based on their specifications. Some charge rates by the roll, others by the square foot. Some charge on the basis of a room or an entire home, while others may charge per hour.

When utilizing the services of a contractor, estimated costs should be inclusive of labor as well as the removal of old wallpaper, but it is best to read the specifications of the contract before proceeding with the work.

If the removal process includes large amounts of wallpaper to be removed or if the same contractor is being used for the application of paint or new wallpaper after the removal process, then this could make way for discounts on charges.

Removal as per roll$10 to $12
Removal as per square foot$2 to $20 or more