How Much Does Wood Siding Cost?

Wood Siding Cost – Even though the households of America and other countries prefer wood siding, most people end up choosing metal, vinyl, and fiber cement siding. Wood siding installation and maintenance after installation is quite expensive, but for households that can shell that kind of money for a top notch siding such as wood spare no expense and are more than willing to install it and take care of it later on.

Why is Wood Siding a Popular Choice?

Regardless of the price of wood siding, it remains a popular for people. The credit for its popularity amongst the masses is due to the material it made of, which as you guessed it, is wood. Wood siding is made from a hundred percent genuine wood and for this reason, it is expensive to purchase. Since it is made from wood, it also requires people to look after it diligently.

Neglecting to look after it will cost the homeowner more money to bring back to its original condition. If you care for it, the beauty of the wood will remain intact with your guests gazing at it admiringly. For people who cannot afford investing in real wood siding, but still want to have something in between, they should look into engineered wood siding.

What is Engineered Wood Siding?

Engineered siding is the cost-effective alternative to wood siding that gives off the appearance and feel of a genuine wood siding. The core of the engineered wood siding is made using flakes or sawdust infused using a bonding agent, and then compressed to supply it with strength. Next, the designers treat the wood to protect it from pests and decay, which a genuine wood is susceptible to.

Lastly, the designers work on giving it the appearance of a genuine wood by coating it with a wood-grain design. Since it is not manufactured out of real wood, it is much cheaper to install. It also comes with a twenty-five to thirty year warranty. You will find variety in engineered wood as well such as pre-primed boards and pre-finished boards.

Wooding Siding: Narrowing Down Your Choice

Whether you purchase wood exterior siding or engineered wood exterior siding, you will become confused on the type of wood you want to use for your home and the design that will work best for you. To help you decide, use the list below:

  • The Species of Wood – Wooding exterior siding can be produced from any kind of wood, but there are only a few esteemed ones that dominate the market. Spruce, pine, and fir are softwoods, but you will need to maintain them constantly, as they are not rot resistant. If it is the insects and moisture that is worrying you, you should choose cedar wood siding. Out of all them, redwood remains at the top of the list of homeowners.
  • The Design of the Wood – Horizontal clapboards are the chosen wood exterior siding design among homeowners. Shingles and shakes also make the list of popular designs, as they can be set horizontally as well. If you want something different, choose a vertical batten or board siding. For added protection, pre-primed boards work best.

What are the Main Types of Wood Siding?

Here are six types of wood siding you can choose from:

  1. Clapboards are long boards, which are horizontally installed so they can overlap each other. For clapboards, the choice of wood is redwood and cedar.
  2. Rectangular Planking is just like clapboards, except they need to be installed vertically.
  3. Plywood is made of Douglas fir, yellow pine, plywood, and western red cedar. They can be installed both ways, vertically and horizontally.
  4. Shingles are cut by machines and are all the same size. They are made of redwood, cedar woods, and cypress. They are installed from the bottom up to allow each layer of wood to overlap the wood below it.
  5. Shakes are just like shingles, except they differ in size and are split by hand.
  6. Solid Wood is installed diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.

Wood Siding Cost

Refer to the table below to get the estimated Wood Siding Cost of installing wood siding:

The Type of InstallationThe Cost of Wood Siding
For 1,500 per square foot installation$7,500 to $15,000
Cost of spruce, fir, and pine clapboards per square foot installation$5 to $6
Cost of clapboard cedar siding per square foot$6 to $7
Cost of shake cedar siding per square foot $6 to $8
Cost of redwood cedar siding per square foot$6 to $8
Cost of engineered wood siding per square foot$2.50 to $5.00
Cost of engineered wood siding for 1,500 square feet$3,750 to $7,500
Removal of existing wood siding per square foot($1,000 to $2,000)
Cost of wooding siding over the period of 20 years$15,000

Use this information to guide your decision for installation of wood siding.