How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

Snow Removal Prices – Removing snow can be done in many ways. Do-it-yourself methods are often used when clearing pathways and driveways. But when the snow is thick and formation of ice begins, more sophisticated methods should be employed. 

These methods may be too complicated and the job too dangerous to be done by yourself. In these cases, clearing companies can be hired to remove the snow. Snow removal cost depends on the method employed by the company. Discover what methods clearing companies offer to know if you need their help.

Basic Customer Services

Snow clearing businesses, depending on their size, offer the following basic services for customers: snow plowing, snow blowing, snow hauling and pathway clearing. They also provide salting and ice clearing services. The common targets include driveways, pathways, sidewalks, decks and roofs. 

Snow removal cost in these terms depends on the size of the area to be cleared and the difficulty of the project. Thicker accumulation may require bigger equipment or more drastic measures, and safety is always factored in all clearing jobs, especially on the roof.

Equipment Used

Depending on the size of the job, equipment used ranges from simple shovels and picks to heavy loaders. Chemicals in the form of surface treatments are also used by companies. These can affect the melting point of ice and snow. This method helps improve traction on the pathways, and prevent slippages and incidents on the road. The type of treatment depends on the environment and conditions, as certain chemicals can destroy surfaces and harm pets and plants. 

Complicated tools like snow blowers and snowmelt systems can also be used depending on the condition of the snow. Snow removal cost can increase as bigger equipment and more sophisticated methods are employed.

Consultations and Contingency Plans

Working with snow can be dangerous, not only for the safety of those who are staying in the building but also for those who are in charge of the clearing service. Not properly removing the snow from the premises can also lead to accumulation of snow, melting and icing, which are dangerous in neighborhoods when left unchecked. 

To prevent incidents, consultations and contingency plans are prepared by companies when undergoing clearing jobs. Most consultations and plans are free and come with the rest of the snow removal costs, as safety is of prime importance in any project.

What to Look for in Snow Removal Companies

Snow removal can be undertaken by professional individuals, small businesses and recognized companies. Companies which also rent out winter service vehicles may also be approached, but they may not necessarily offer services beyond basic clearing of paths. The size of the company you should approach depends on the gravity of snow accumulation.

Some companies also offer seasonal contracts for homeowners who want their areas cleared out on a regular basis during winter time. Emergency services and on-call services are also available. Snow removal cost varies per company and per program, but professional service can thoroughly protect your home from damage and keep you safe from the dangers of DIY snow removal.

How Much Does Snow Removal Cost

For your 1-4 car or truck driveway, a pickup truck snow plow will surely cost somewhere between $25 – $50 for each plowing. In the event the snowfall is no greater than 12” deep, a single visit ought to do it. However in the event that multiple visits are needed, the 2nd trip may be twice the expense of the 1st.

To get rid of compacted snow from your driveway utilizing a shovel, snow thrower or perhaps a lawnmower, the time and effort needed is much more and the cost is additionally usually greater. This could vary from $65 to $75 for each stop by. This will fluctuate based on the quantity of snowfall, length of your driveway, pitch of the driveway, etc.

When it comes to sidewalks, obviously a plow can’t be put to use. Employing a person to shovel the sidewalk could cost somewhere between $10 to $25, based on who’s carrying it out and exactly how much compacted snow there exists to remove.