How Much Does a Wheel Loader Cost?

Wheel Loader Cost – A wheel loader is a multitasking heavy vehicle that is capable of performing various tasks, including dumping, scooping, carrying, and digging. These are essentially an extension of tractors but they have a heavy tread and large tires that make them ideal for heavy jobs. Wheel loaders have a bucket fixed to the front or back of the machine, which is known as loader and is used to lift and move heavy objects. The machine has flexible arms that are used to move the loader at different angles.

Wheel loaders are widely used in various industries for different purposes. Wheel loaders are used at construction sites for loading construction materials such as bricks, gravel, sand, and asphalt onto other vehicles. It can also be used to clear bushes and debris from a work area. However, because of their limited dig depths, they cannot be used for deep excavation jobs.

Types of Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are extremely useful heavy vehicles with numerous applications in the construction and landscaping industry. The manufacturers of wheel loaders have done several modifications in the basic structure of the vehicle to increase its functionality and productivity. This has lead to the introduction of four different types of wheel loaders, which include compact loaders, large loaders, mid-sized loaders, and small loaders.

Wheel loaders vary greatly in their range of output, bucket capacity, and lift height. Each wheel loader is designed for performing specific tasks in specific working conditions.

  • Light Wheel Loaders – These are versatile machines that have a net power ranging from 18 to 50 horsepower. These are mainly used by farmers and private owners because of their light weight and compact size. Common types of light wheel loaders include compact utility loaders and mini loaders. Various tools can be attached to a wheel loader to increase its functionality.A light wheel loader can carry and transport light materials such as hay bales, pallet crates, and feed for livestock.
  • Heavy Wheel Loaders – Heavy wheel loaders weigh over 50,000 pounds and have a net power of more than 230 horsepower. Their major application is in the construction and landscaping industry. Heavy wheel loaders are also used by the local governments to remove large amounts of snow during winters.Different types of tools such as forks, grapples, and high tip buckets can be attached to the wheel loader to make it perform more tasks such as cleaning debris, digging, and transporting heavy loads.

Cost Comparison of Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are an important investment for any construction and landscaping company. A buyer must be aware of the relative prices of different types of wheel loaders and their specifications such as lift height, dig depths, and net power. With so many different models and brands of wheel loaders available today, it is hard to determine the exact price for a specific type of wheel loader. However, there are some general rules that govern the price of a wheel loader.

  • Bucket Capacity – This is the primary consideration for the purchase of a wheel loader. Bucket capacity may range from 0.65 cubic yards to 32 cubic yards. A wheel loader with more bucket capacity is going to cost you more as compared to the one that has a smaller bucket capacity.
  • Breakout Force – It is defined as the force exerted by the machine in a roll back operation such as tearing out a large stump or tree. Breakout force of a wheel loader may range from 9,000lbs to 47,000lbs.
  • Tire Size – Most of the wheel loaders have large tires that are best suited for used on rough terrain. When purchasing a wheel loader, carefully consider your working conditions and choose a wheel loader that complements the operating conditions.
  • Cab Comfort – A comfortable cab increases the operator’s productivity and efficiency. You may also add optional features such as climate control, suspension seats, and charging stations.
  • Operating Weight – The operating weight of a wheel loader may range from 12,000lbs to 75,000lbs. Consider the weight restrictions associated with your project and choose a light wheel loader or heavy wheel loader accordingly.
  • Pilot Controls – Pretty much every new wheel loader comes with pilot controls that are easy to use and provide control over the vehicle with less stress on the operator. However, if you are buying a used wheel loader, do not forget to check the usability of manual levers.

Cost of Purchasing a New Wheel Loader

The price of a new wheel loader depends on its model, brand, specifications, and size. Some internationally renowned brands may cost you more money as compared to wheel loaders of another brand with same specifications and output.

Type of Wheel LoaderNet PowerAverage Cost
Compact wheel loadersLess than 110 horsepower$40,000 – $130,000
Small wheel loadersLess than 180 horsepower$120,000 to $180,000
Mid-sized wheel loadersLess than 350 horsepower$150,000 to $500,000
Large wheel loadersMore than 500 horsepower$1 million

Purchasing a Used Wheel Loader Cost

If you cannot afford buying a new wheel loader, you make look for a used wheel loader produced by a reputable manufacturer. When buying a used wheel loader, do not forget to ask the seller for a condition and maintenance report. This report can provide you useful information about number of usage hours and maintenance history.

The Wheel Loader Cost of a used wheel loader depends on its model, age, condition, and accessories. The following table presents average prices of used wheel loaders of different makes.

Wheel Loader MakeAverage Cost
Bobcat$8,000 – $15,000
Caterpillar$50,000 – $1,000,000+
Hitachi$50,000 – $150,000+
Volvo$20,000 – $250,000+
JCB$30,000 – $50,000+
New Holland$25,000 – $75,000+

Renting a Wheel Loader Cost

Wheel loaders are very expensive heavy vehicles. Therefore, it is best to rent a wheel loader for short-term projects. You obtain a wheel loader on rent for a day, a week, or for a month. The following table presents the typical Wheel Loader Cost rental rates for different wheel loaders.

Type of Wheel LoaderDaily Rent
Weekly RentMonthly Rent
Small output wheel loader$200 – $400$600 – $1,200$1,800 – $3,000
Medium output wheel loader$500 – $1,000$1,500 – $3,000$4,500 – $8,000
Large output wheel loader$1,000 – $3,000+$3,000 – $9,000+$9,000 – $15,000+

This is a general guide about prices of different types of wheel loaders. The exact price of a wheel loader depends on various factors, which should be carefully considered by a buyer.