How Much Does a Well Pump Cost to Replace?

Well Pump Cost – Well pumps are the tools that draw up water from wells using pressure and suction, and are available in a variety of different sizes. They are used in residential as well as commercial areas. A residential well pump performs the duty of pushing water from the well into the water tank of the house, for distribution of water throughout the house.

Residential well pumps are likely to have horsepower energy of less than one to pump up water and commercial well pumps may need more horsepower because they supply water to entire communities.

People who live in houses with wells, or those who are in the process of buying a house that includes a well, are most probably going to face two options:
They will either have to install a new pump or they will have to replace an existing pump for their well.

Types of Well Pumps

Well pumps are of two different types and are explained below:

Submersible Well Pumps – These pumps can be installed underwater.

Jet Pumps – These pumps can be installed either below or above the water line. Jet pumps are further categorized into two types.

  • Deep well jet pump – These are installed beneath the water line and are used for the wells that are deeper than 30 feet. Only the jet assembly is installed underwater and the pump’s engine remains above the water.
  • Shallow well jet pump – These pumps cannot be submerged inside the water and are used for wells that are less than 30 feet in depth.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Well Pump

The factors that need to be considered when purchasing a new, or replacing an old well pump are as follows:

  • Gallons per Minute (GPM) – When considering the purchase of a well pump, the ratings of the gallons per minute are an important factor to consider. A well pump with about 8 to 12 gallons per minute is suitable for average sized homes that consist of three to four bedrooms.
  • Materials – Well pumps are made up of different materials like thermoplastic, stainless steel, carbon ceramic and cast iron. The prices of pumps will vary depending upon the type of materials they are made up of.
  • Horsepower – Another factor to consider before making a purchase is horsepower. When replacing an old well pump, the new one should have the same horsepower as the one being replaced, provided that the old pump was sufficient. A well pump that is too small will not be able to provide sufficient water pressure, while a very powerful pump will waste energy.
  • Quality, Size and Depth – Good quality well pumps will be more costly than pumps that are towards the lower end of quality and the cost of the pumps are also dependent on their size. Another thing that needs to be considered for the cost of a well pump is its depth. This includes the depth of the waterline and its distance from the roof of the well and also includes the entire depth of the well itself.

Generalized Well Pump Cost

Installations of deep well and submersible jet pumps will generally be higher than shallow well jet pumps as they require extra labor involvement.

Low flow rate, low quality pump$300 to $600
High flow rate, high end pump$1,000 and above
Installation costs$700 to $1,000

Well Pump Cost by Specific Type

The Well Pump Cost mentioned below may vary depending upon the gallons per minute, the horsepower, added features, and the materials that the well pumps are made up of such as, stainless steel, carbon ceramic, cast iron or thermoplastic. Well Pump Cost is also dependent upon the quality and size of the well pumps, and their depth and local labor rates.

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All prices mentioned in this guide for well pump costs can vary on the factors mentioned above and are just an average estimate. When installing a new pump, or getting an old one replaced, it is best to hire the services of professionals as they are certified and know their job best.