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Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Watch

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, new cabinets are pretty much all you need. Besides creating additional space, new cabinets are a simple way to transform the appearance of your kitchen. After all, the cabinets you have in your kitchen reflect your unique aesthetic taste.

But since these cabinets come in unlimited styles, colors and finishes, how do you select the right one? And how much does kitchen cabinet installation cost? Here’s a simple guide to make things easier:

Top kitchen cabinet trends to follow

Shaker style

When it comes to modern, stylish kitchen cabinets, shaker style stands out. Shaker style kitchen cabinets have a minimalist, clean appeal. Yet, it one of the most preferred cabinet styles as it complements almost any kitchen. Use a high quality wood to make the most of shaker style cabinets.

Functional design

Focus on cabinet functionality. While aesthetics are no doubt important, make sure that the cabinets are spacious to accommodate your storage and organization needs. In addition, they should be easily accessible.

Try to use every inch of space. For instance, you can install narrow drawers under the cabinets. Similarly, shelves above the cabinets would work too.

Be careful though. You don’t want to over stuff your kitchen with cabinetry. As a rule, there should be enough room for you to move easily within the kitchen.

Mix it up

Based on the size of your kitchen, install a mix of drawers, open shelves and cabinets. This helps deal with storage issues. Moreover, it makes the kitchen look cleaner and lighter.

Dark finishes

Whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, dark cabinet finishes never go out of fashion. Shades of dark chocolate, chestnut brown and espresso are the latest trend in finishes.

Customized cabinets

Most homeowners prefer customized kitchen cabinets. With custom-made cabinets, you can get the look, features, or colors that suit your needs.

Kitchen cabinet installation cost

The cost of installing cabinets varies, depending on:

  • Kitchen size
  • Choice of cabinet material and style
  • How soon you want to begin the project

Before you begin the project, assess every detail possible. Take photos of your kitchen layout and existing cabinetry. Remember to take pictures from various angles.

You can consult at least 3 contractors for quotes. We offer free online quotes from licensed and insured companies for new kitchen cabinet installation and cabinet refinishing. Using our service, you can get a cabinet installation and refinishing cost that suit your budget.