How Much Does Stone Siding Cost?

Stone Siding Cost – Even though stone is a wonderful and exquisite addition to your home, it is also an expensive one. For this reason, most homeowners tend to forgo the option of stone. Remember to every expensive version of something, there is a cheaper one. The alternative to stone is simulated stone siding. It gives off the same feel and look of stone, but for those who are willing to spend a lot of money, as it is within their budget, they should choose stone.

The Types of Stone Veneer Siding Available

Homeowners can choose from the five popular types of stone siding options for their home:

Manufactured Stone – Manufactured stone siding is creating using molds that imitate the appearance of a real stone. They do not weigh ton as other stone do so you will find the shipping costs to be within your means. They are also highly durable.

Solid Stone – Solid stone , for years, have been used to beautify the exterior a home. Among most homeowners, solid stone is a most wanted choice for stone siding. The reason for its popularity is its ability to last for a lifetime and its authentic appearance. The only flaw with solid stone is that it weighs a ton and stone manufacturers create it by hand.

Natural Stone Cladding – Natural stone is another great option for homeowners looking to place natural stone on the exterior of their home. The stone is cut from slabs of larger stones. By far, granite remains one of the most popular for cladding. The reason being is that it is extremely dense and prevents cracking. In appearance, the surface of the natural stone cladding is flat and has an irregular shape.

Polyurethane-Based Foam Panel Stone – Polyurethane-based foam panel siding is an alternative to heavy siding stones, as it weighs quite less than the real stones. The foam panel stone is created from polyurethane, which is compactly rendered. Unlike other siding stones, which are installed stone by stone, the Polyurethane-based foam panel stone is placed in panels. The material used to create this stone siding is weather resistant and by far, it looks like a real stone, but the only thing to give the facade away is having a closer look at it and touching it.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding – Stone Veneer panel stone siding is a combination of different siding mentioned above. Each stone is derived from a natural and authentic stone. The stone veneer stone siding is designed to fit in together seamlessly much like a puzzle.

The stone siding you will decide to purchase will depend on how much your budget allows you to spend.

Why Should You Install Stone?

Stone is manufactured from limestone, granite, and sandstone. For people who are still confused on whether they should opt for stone siding, here are few reasons that might appeal to you:

Durable – Stone is highly durable, as proven by history. Throughout history, stone siding as remained an important part of the past. Stone siding have been utilized as an exterior decoration for pyramids in Egypt that have clearly stood the test of time.

Functional – Stone is more than its good looks, as it is highly functional as well. Against water and fire, they act as defenders, protecting your house. They also act as an insulator, keeping your house cool on warm days and warm on cool days.

Varieties – With stone , you will not have to worry about your house’s exterior looking like your neighbors or anyone else’s house for that matter. Stone siding offers you with many options in regard to color, design, and texture.

Price – Investing in stone will be a onetime cost, as from there on, you will not have to worry about maintaining its appearance. If you want to sell your house down the line, the value of your house will increase due to the stone siding.

You should look into stone siding, if it interests you, as it will provide your home with a unique and amazing appearance.

Stone Siding Cost

Here is a table showing the cost of stone:

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Consider the price of the stone, the installation fee, and the area of the home to decide on the type of stone siding you want.