Solar Water Heater Cost

How Much Does a Solar Water Heater Cost?

Solar Water HeaterSolar Water Heater Cost – Do you want to save money on your next electricity bill? Do you want to save the environment? If you are an environmentalist or you just want to save money, you can install a solar water heater in your home. It is estimated that with time, you will be able to save thousands of dollars on all your future electricity bills. Find the best Solar Water Heater Cost.

Working Principle of Solar Water Heater?

Sunlight will hit and heat a surface within a solar water heater system, absorbing the heat of the sun, and then storing it in a storage tank. The solar heaters are mounted on the roof and deliver 80 percent of all the hot water for your house. In order to absorb the heat from the sun, either potable water or a heat-transfer fluid is used.

Solar systems that do not have a heat-transfer fluid attachment will come with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger will heat the potable water and once the water is heated, it will be stored in a conventional or preheat tank, only exiting out of the tank when someone in the house needs hot water. In the event the solar water heater needs additional heat, a fossil-fuel energy and electricity will be used to heat the water.

Types of Solar Water Heaters

Homeowners will have the choice between five solar water heaters. They five types include:

Thermosiphon Systems

These solar water heater systems heat water or glycol, which is an antifreeze fluid. The fluid increases from the collectors and deposits straight into the storage tank. This system does not need the use of any pumps to deliver the water to the storage tank once it is heated. Homeowners that live in an area with increased levels of solar radiation will benefit from this system, as the rise in heat transfer depends on the temperature.

Direct-Circulation Systems

These solar water heater systems pumps water from the storage tank to the collectors during the hours the sun it out. To obtain freeze protection, water needs to be re-circulated from the tank by flushing the water from the collectors. This system should only be used in areas where the weather remains hot and sunny for majority of the year.

Drain-Down Systems

These solar water heater systems are known as indirect water heating systems. Through a closed loop, untreated or treated water is circulated. When the water is circulated, the heat transfers to filtered water using a heat exchanger. If the system cannot detect any solar heater, the fluid in the collector drains by gravity to prevent convection loops and freezing. Without the collector draining the fluid, the stored water will drop in temperature.

Indirect Water-Heating Systems

These solar water heater systems circulate a fluid protected from freeze through a closed loop, transferring its heat to filtered water using a heat exchanger. Water-propylene glycol and water-ethylene solutions are the two of the most frequently used fluids for freeze protection.

Air Systems

These solar water heater systems heat the surrounding air, moving it using a fan by an air to water heat exchanger. The heated water is used for service and domestic needs.

Solar Water Heater Cost

The Solar Water Heater Cost depends on which category it comes in. Active solar water heaters and passive solar water heaters are two categories of solar water heaters.

What Are Active Solar Water Heaters and Passive Solar Water Heaters?

Active solar water heaters have a separate water tank, which moves the water to the solar panel, passing it through it. This process heats the water and delivers it to the separate water tank. Passive solar water heaters use a water tank, which is situated on the roof of the house. The water tank uses sun to warm the water.

Solar Water Heater Cost

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The price of the solar hot water heater will increase depending on factors such as the type of system you purchase, type of roof you have, the area’s climate, the location of your house, and the size of the water tank. You need to consider all the Solar Water Heater Cost before you install a solar water heater.