Refinishing Hardwood Floor Cost

How Much Does Refinishing Hardwood Floor Cost?

Refinishing Hardwood FloorRefinishing Hardwood Floor Cost – Through years of wear and tear, your hardwood floors will be scuffed, scratched, and scraped. Furthermore, you will also notice a certain dullness that cannot be fixed. What makes a hardwood floor beautiful is the luster and when you lose the bright shine it will negatively impact the entire room the floor is in. 

Professional hardwood floor re-finishers can sand your floor which will remove the old finish and expose a new layer of wood in order to fully restore its original beauty.

Before you consider Refinishing Hardwood Floor, you have to decide if your floor is worth refinishing. Floors with shallow scratches and dull surfaces require only a top coat of finishing. In some cases, like buckle, wrapped and sagging planks, refinishing isn’t enough. When that occurs, your best alternative is to replace the board. Hardwood floors can be refinished a limited number of times as each sanding takes off more wood. You can check the floor edge or around a heat register to find out how much of the wood remains.

Refinishing Hardwood Floor Cost

Refinishing a hardwood floor is usually the only way to get back the original richness and beauty of the wood. Learning how to refinish hardwood floors can take a while to learn. It may be wise to have a professional do it. Refinishing your hardwood floor professionally will vary in cost depending on a lot of factors. Typically, contractors will make estimates based on the workspace, the condition of the floor, and the size of the area that needs to be refinished. 

You will see prices anywhere from $1.75 to $3.00 per square foot for normal jobs. A good contractor will include the cost of sealing off doors and other openings to areas. Make sure that this is included in the job. Every flooring contractor should take this step, but there are always the stray fly by night companies that do not take every step to ensure the customer is satisfied.

The Refinishing Hardwood Floor Cost should also include minor wood repairs, complete staining, and finishing the floor with polyurethane. Most contractors will use two coats of polyurethane and others use three.

Getting your Refinishing Hardwood Floor can introduce a few issues that you may overlook. The room that holds the floor that is being refinished needs to be completely clear of all furniture. This can be a daunting task for families who have bulky furniture. Some floor refinishing services will include this in their service. In addition to moving your furniture, there will be some measures you need to take to completely clean up after the job is complete.

Dust will penetrate and get around the house no matter how careful you are about sealing off doors and openings. A task that is often overlooked by homeowners after they get their hardwood floor professionally refinished is changing the filter in their furnace. Make sure that you keep an eye on the filter and change it when necessary.

Equipment can be rented from hardware stores

Though refinishing is best done by a professional, you can choose to do it yourself . Most of the necessary equipment is available at local hardware and rental centers. You will need a buffer, drum sander, orbital/palm sander, putty knife and scraper, shop vacuum, floor edger, ear protection, dust masks, safety goggles, lamb’s wool and natural bristle brush and tack cloths.

Before your start, remove everything off the floor, and sweep it thoroughly. All leftover carpet staples have to be removed using diagonal pliers, while a hammer and nail set has to be used to sink exposed nails that may damage abrasives or sanding machines. The baseboards have to be left alone, unless you wish to replace them, which can be done using a pry bar. 

To prevent dust spreading throughout the house, plastic has to be hung over the room’s doorways and rags and towels have to be placed under doors and over vents. Be sure to check for cracks, squeaks and other repairs the floor may require, before you start sanding or Refinishing Hardwood Floor.