Pet Sitter Rates

Pet owners are often called away for long stretches of time for professional and personal reasons. Pet owners are then left with the dilemma of leaving their pets during this period, and the right pet sitter is oftentimes difficult to find. Pets have unique characteristics and needs that should be addressed while the owner is away. It’s not enough to just take anyone and leave him or her with pets – the sitter should have the right set of qualities that will make the pair a compatible one.

Fortunately, various pet sitter services are now available online. Reviews for sitters are also highly accessible in forums and review boards. Pet sitter cost can depend on whether you’re hiring accredited professionals or people who simply have affinity for pets and have the experience to boot. Cost also depends on the length of your absence and the particular needs of the pets. But before thinking about costs, consider the various responsibilities and qualities that pet sitters should have to put your mind at ease.

Pet Sitter Responsibilities

Pet sitter responsibilities include the basics as well as specific needs that may be requested by the pet owner. Basic needs include routine feeding and special diets, exercise, bathing, and giving medications and vitamins. Special tasks like walking, grooming and other sociable activities for the pet may also be requested. Pet sitters can also double as house sitters for people who are leaving for longer periods.

Pet Sitter Qualities

Pet sitters must be pet lovers. A pet sitter who cannot love pets of all types and traits is prone to building a disagreeable relationship with the pet and the owner. In addition, pet owners must look for a history of pet care and handling by the sitter. Nothing can compare to having prior first-hand experience in handling pets. Pet sitters must be friendly, approachable, patient and energetic enough to keep up with pets. Pet sitters who have special in-depth knowledge about all types of animals are also an advantage. Hiring sitters who also know the basics of pet health care and first aid response are encouraged. Sitters who have these latter qualities may charge extra pet sitter cost depending on their credentials.

Pet Sitter Costs

A pet sitter can charge clients on a per-hour, per-visit or per-day basis. Bills can also increase as the number of pets being cared for increase. Travel expenses, visits to the vet, and other related expenses during the duration of the care may also be billed to the owner. Basically, pet sitter costs increase as responsibilities pile and qualities are more specialized.

It’s important to lay the ground rules and form an agreement regarding pet sitter costs and obligations when hiring a sitter. Pet sitters who are new or are inexperienced may resort to activities and tasks that are unapproved, which may leave owners trapped with paying unexpected additional costs. A great tip to remember is to interview your sitter thoroughly before hiring him or her. Anyway, you’re not just leaving your pet – you’re passing on responsibility for the well-being of your four-legged friend.

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