How Much Does a Light Fixture Installation Cost?

Light Fixture Installation Cost – In any house, light fixtures create a sense of warmth and brightness while illuminating the space for easy navigation. No matter how much you light standing lamps and desk lights, built-in light fixtures are like home necessities that create a bright, comfortable environment for reading and entertainment. 

Unless you are an expert electrician, it is best to leave the installation of light fixtures to experts. This article serves as a general guide to our readers who are looking to install light fixtures in their homes and want to have an understanding of the costs associated with it.

Considering the Various Types of Lights

The primary factor to consider when installing the light fixture is what type of light do you want to install. There are several different types of lights available. Let’s have a look at them to understand what kind of environment they complement.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are named so because they hang down from the ceiling just like a pendant on a chain. These are used for illuminating a space without disturbing its low-light ambience. These are most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Pendant lights are very light in weight, so they do not require removal of the paneling and can be easily installed using drywall anchors.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are a primary option for energy-conscious households. These utilize very little energy, much less than the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs. Unlike pendant lights, these are too heavy for drywall anchors and require anchoring to ceiling studs for installation Fluorescent lights are most seen in garages and other closed areas.

Track Lights

Track lights, once used in museums and art galleries, are becoming increasing popular in households. These can be installed using drywall anchors or ceiling studs.

Traditional Ceiling Mounts

There are a number of options available in ceiling mounted lights such as flush mount lights, chandeliers, and fans with lights attached to it. The installation of ceiling mounted lights requires a metal box mounted firmly to studs or joists.

Wall Mounted Lights

As the name implies, these are secured to wall using wall studs. The wiring is installed inside the wall and goes to the switch plates.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are cylindrical lighting fixtures that are installed in such a way that they do not interfere with the clean lines of the ceiling. Their installation require cutting of the ceiling a separate junction box for power.

Light Fixture Installation Cost

Different components are involved in the process of installing a light fixture and therefore, it is almost impossible to have an exact cost of a light fixture installation project without knowing the specifications of each component. However, knowing the estimated cost of installing a light fixture can prove to be very helpful in budgeting.

Let’s have a look at the different components involved in the process of light fixture installation and their costs.

Type of Light

We have already discussed different types of light and now we know that each type requires a particular installation process to be followed. The following table presents an estimated price of different types of lights.

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Cost of Installing Recessed Lights

The process of installing recessed lights is more complex as compared to other types of lights. They illuminate a space without making it look clunky. However, their installation usually incurs more cost as the electrician is required to cut through the ceiling to install a separate junction box.

It costs around $1,000 for installing recessed lights in a single room.

Labor Cost

The fee charged by an electrical contractor may vary depending on the complexity of your project and their expertise and experience. It usually takes 2 hours to install a single light fixture. Most electricians charge $35 to $75 per hour for installing a lighting fixture.

Other Costs

Certain supplies and materials are needed to install a lighting fixture such as connectors, fittings, and mounting hardware. Their cost ranges from $10 to $30 per lighting fixture.

The following table gives an estimate of the total cost for installing a single ceiling-mounted light fixture.

ItemQuantity Average Cost
Ceiling mounted light
One fixture
$50 to $120
LaborAround two hours
$60 to $150
Materials and SuppliesFor one fixture$15 to $25
$125 to 295

This is a general guide about the cost of installing a light fixture. The exact cost depends on various factors, which should be carefully considered by a buyer.