Kitchen Remodel

Some Kitchen Remodel Basics

Kitchen Remodel A kitchen remodel is one of the most sought-after services that contractors usually get from homeowners and property developers. The modern kitchen has gone a long way from what individuals have been used to. The kitchen of today is now more geared to promote multitasking, social settings and creative cooking, allowing homeowners the opportunity to fulfill a number of tasks even while prepping snacks and meals.

In this regard, homeowners must also ascertain if they are ready to make the changes needed to update the home kitchen. Not only will a kitchen remodel make more efficient cooking equipment available to the homeowner. A remodel is also a chance for homeowners to truly oversee the planning and design of a kitchen that they can especially call their own.

When planning for a kitchen remodel, the homeowner must put a number of things in mind. The budget should already be set and initial plans should already be drafted. One way to put a price tag on a kitchen remodel is to do initial research on product prices as well as contractor costs. Magazines, catalogs, advise from friends and referrals… all bits of information that can be gathered from these sources can add to the overall idea of the new kitchen.

Homeowners can start by choosing a theme and working on it, gradually adding personal tweaks of their own to get a unique look that inspires their cooking. It would help to remember that homeowners will spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, and they should make it a priority to improve the area according to their preference.

Points of Interest

Homeowners should consider updating the look of their kitchen with a remodel following these few specific goals:

  • Improved walkways – Often, the feeling of claustrophobia can hit the homeowner while working in the kitchen, especially when the temperature gets too high, multiple pots are boiling and the guests arrive too early for a luncheon. If the homeowner feels this way too frequently then an improvement on the size of the walkways and working spaces should be in order. Even the smallest kitchens would benefit from this improvement, and would give enough room for movement at all times. Improving the walkways greatly changes the existing layout of the kitchen. Costs can vary though, especially since it is based on the extent of the changes to be made.
  • Cabinets, hooks and shelves – Installing a number of cabinets, hooks and shelves at high-activity areas like near the cooking range, countertops and microwaves can come in handy. These additional storage spaces for ingredients and equipment will minimize unnecessary movement and make cooking faster and more efficient. The installation of cabinets, hooks and shelves can change the layout of the upper half of the kitchen. Costs highly depend on the number and the materials used.
  • Island counters and integrated appliances – Island counters or peninsulas that also serve as a dining area will increase the opportunity of socializing while cooking. In addition, the multiple purposes they serve can save space and even reduce the effort needed to prepare meals, set tables and clean up. Having these as well as integrated appliances is very handy for kitchens in smaller homes. Plus, homeowners may score huge savings when getting multi-purpose appliances as opposed to separate appliances.
  • Going stainless steel – Stainless steel not only gives a beautiful finish to kitchens. They more importantly make clean up faster because they are easier to maintain and are less prone to staining. While they may be costly at point of purchase, they are nevertheless more affordable to keep in the long run as they are made of tougher materials than prone surfaces.

How to Look for a Contractor for your Kitchen Remodel

Which contractor to get is a very crucial aspect to consider when planning a kitchen remodeling. The project is a big investment and usually transpires for a long time. Plus, the professionals hired will be a constant presence in the household, and direct contact with them and anyone in the household is not infrequent. It is for these reasons that the homeowner must take considerable time in choosing who to hire for a kitchen remodel project.

One great way to know which contractor to hire is to review testimonials, industry recognition and referrals from multiple sources. It is simply not enough to compare contractor prices and pick out the most affordable of the bunch – affordable may not be the best choice, especially considering that kitchen remodel contractor scams abound today.

Not only should the homeowner hire for the quality of work a contractor can fulfill. A contractor’s professionalism and service history should also be checked. This way, the homeowner can guarantee that the contractor will respect the rules and abide by all agreements.