How Much Do Granite Kitchen Countertops Cost?

Granite Kitchen Countertops Cost

You have a wide range of choices open to you as to what material to use for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Granite countertops are usually among the top picks of people. Granite’s use is, in fact, not limited to kitchen or bathroom countertops. It can be used in a variety of ways – as top for the hearth, a desk, a window sill, or a bar – virtually anything that requires a slab or a tablet as a surface.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Advantages

It is sensible to study the advantages and disadvantages of using granite before going ahead and having it installed in your home. Granite countertops are classic. They come across as elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. It brings the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and dining room several notches up.

Granite countertops have a lasting quality, communicating permanence and substance. Made of a hard material, they are not damaged easily. They can withstand the usual demands of a well-used kitchen without much depreciation. They do not scratch easily. They are also heat resistant; you can set down a hot pot directly on the granite without doing your countertop significant damage.

Cleaning such countertops does not require much time or effort. All you need is soap-and-water and a wash cloth. Unlike tile countertops, Granite Kitchen Countertops do not have the grouting that breeds germs fast. It is also highly resistant to liquids or stains, provided that it is effectively sealed.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Disadvantages

Of course, there is also the other side of the coin. What are the disadvantages inherent in granite countertops?

Granite Kitchen Countertops have to be sealed and later on, resealed, effectively; otherwise, they lose their resistance to liquids and odors. Granite is porous. If not properly sealed, spills from wines or juices may result in unattractive stains which may not be easy to get rid of. They have to be properly installed. If not, they may give in to stress and crack.

Granite is expensive, compared to other countertop-material. It is also difficult to modify because of its weight. Granite Kitchen Countertops needs additional support to hold it up. In like manner, if you want a granite countertop replaced, you may have to consider replacing the entire cabinet as well. Granite may thus be considered a long-term investment. If you are the type who needs her home to reflect constant changes in trends, and thus goes for remodeling on a regular basis, granite may not be a wise option for you.

While it is true that granite which has been properly sealed does not readily absorb stains and smells, this is only spot on if you are constant in wiping off spills and stains. Maintenance is easy, but it has to be regular.

A slab of granite is unique. While this may be considered a plus by most people, it may pose some difficulty if you want fashion a homogeneous look in your kitchen, especially if the surface to be covered is quite spacious.

These are the pros and cons you have to think about when you are thinking about what kind of countertop to have installed. A serious consultative talk with your countertop provider may go a long way in quelling whatever doubts you may have that granite countertops are for you.