How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

Duct Cleaning Cost – Air ducts are the sheet metal containers that are attached to the basement roof (under the upstairs floors) that move the air from your furnace in the winter and the air conditioner in the summer.

Sometimes, you hear them banging when they heat up if the furnace has been on too long. You can’t really look inside them because they are connected in a trail from the furnace to the registers in each room of the house.

But, if you took the register door off, then you could see inside, and you would notice a lot of dust and dirt. Although the register door keeps most of the dust at bay, sometimes you notice dust particles in the air if you are lying close to the vents. You might even start to sneeze or cough from the dust. In fact, your air ducts can really make you and your family sick.

Why should you get your air ducts cleaned?

Despite the fact that most people ignore maintenance on the air ducts, there are specifics regarding when and why you should get your air ducts clean.

Many people get air ducts cleaned for the medical benefits. Individuals who suffer from allergies, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases will benefit from having the air ducts cleaned. As well as pollen, mold, dust mites, and dirt can trigger negative episodes for anyone suffering from these diseases.

The air ducts are breeding grounds for various pollutants. It is possible, and in fact, recommended that you try to keep the dust down by regularly vacuuming in the vents. You can only go a small way, of course, but at least it does help to keep the dust away from the opening of the vents. Duct Cleaning Cost. It is generally encouraged, however, that you order professional duct cleaning.

Another reason to get your air ducts cleaned is if they are infested with bugs, insects, mice or other animals that do not belong there. In these conditions, you are not only losing heat in your home, causing your bills to rise, you are putting yourself at risk for disease.

The residue from the droppings from the vermin are being passed all around the house, and everyone is inhaling the tainted air. Once vermin are discovered, you need to take action immediately. First, you may need to contact an exterminator, and once that stage of the removal is complete, then you should have the duct cleaners come in to remove all the debris.

Mold is another real danger to humans and their pets. If there is moisture in the air ducts, mold will accumulate over time. If you notice areas of the air ducts that show signs of mold build up, it will be necessary to have the ducts cleaned in order to remove this substance. Mold has ruined homes because it is quick to spread and it is very dangerous to breathe.

Usually, when you finally realize that mold is a problem in your home, it has been there some time forging its insidious path of Duct Cleaning Cost destruction. You should also hire an expert to determine why there is mold in the first place. Air ducts are not supposed to have moisture, thus, mold should not exist. Mold in the air ducts is usually a sign of a larger problem in the home.

When was the last time you had your air duct cleaned?

Did you Know?

  • The E.P.A. ranks Indoor Air Pollution among the top 5 environmental risk to public health.
  • Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but many do not know that indoor pollution can also have significant health effects.
  • Most homes generate about 10 pounds of dust per year for every 1,500 sq. ft. of space.
  • Air duct problems have increased from the 1970’s when the technology in home construction n developed the energy efficient “Tight House”.
    Most new homes or renovated do not cover their vents during construction thus all debris from wood, sheetrock, plaster, and dust fall inside. When system is turned on dirt will clog up filters or spread throughout ducts and living space.
  • While experts disagree on the root causes of many Indoor Air Quality Problems, there is an idea that stopping problems at the source is crucial to long term clean air quality improvements.
  • “Air Duct Cleaning” can help in the result of fewer dust or airborne allergen particles in the air and equals to better indoor air quality.

Duct Cleaning

Further, you should have your air ducts cleaned if you notice that dust is continually being emitted from the registers. This could suggest that there is too much debris in the ducts, and it is getting pushed out for you to breathe, and to dirty up your house. There may also be an actual blockage somewhere in the duct due to the build up.

If you notice that you are not getting any heat when the furnace is on, the ducts may be the problem. You should, however, check other things first before ordering duct cleaning services. For example, have you changed the filter on the furnace, is the pilot light lit, or is the thermostat even turning the furnace on?

If the air ducts really do have a blockage, cleaning them will reduce your heating costs, since you are not wasting the gas or hydro to heat debris, and it will also help you feel better when dust is not all over the house. If the home has a fireplace or a stove that helps to heat the house, a blockage could create carbon monoxide which is deadly and cannot be smelled.

Unless you had a detector in each bedroom and anywhere else people sleep, you will die from carbon monoxide poisoning. The ducts should be inspected before starting the season with these types of heating systems.

Additionally, if you have lived in your home for a very long time, you may wish to get your air ducts cleaned simply because it seems natural to be sure everything in the home is in proper working order. Often, home owners decide to get the air ducts cleaned, because they have never examined the ducts themselves, and are just curious about the contents inside the ducts. That also brings up another point.

Children are notorious for throwing things down the register vents, if they can get them open. Usually the items just stay near the top as the vent piece has a bend in it. But, sometimes, the item goes farther down and you cannot reach it at all. You may need to order the service just to be able to retrieve what has been thrown down there.

Likewise, new home owners may have their ducts cleaned to remove any debris from the building of their new homes. Typically, when a home is completed, there are particles of plaster, saw dust, fiberglass, and other residue that just does not belong in your home. Many people have found old bags, garbage from work crews, and even clothing in their ducts when they have them cleaned. Before moving into a brand new home, it is a good idea to have the ducts cleaned and to start fresh.

If and when you do decide to get your air ducts cleaned, certain service providers will ask whether you want a sealer or other chemicals sprayed in the ducts to prevent insects or animals from entering your ducts. This is counterproductive. Sealers prevent the dust from attaching to the sheet metal. But in reality, that is exactly where you want the particles to go. You don’t want them flying all about and coming out the registers.

In regards to pesticides and other chemicals, they are just plain dangerous to your health. You are breathing in contaminants and toxins that you cannot process. If the exterminator has effectively resolved the problem of vermin, they shouldn’t return.

What is the typical Duct Cleaning Cost?

An appropriate residence air Duct Cleaning Cost anywhere from $300 to roughly $1200, with regards to the dimensions of the unit that need be cleaned out, the particular kind of products and services provided, the particular geographical climatic conditions as well as the degree of usage the unit receives, the particular kind of substances contained in the ducts together with the measure of contaminants.

What should be included in Duct Cleaning Cost? This includes the cleaning of all interior registers, interior of your ducts, the inside of your unit itself, often the heater fan, along with the coils for the air conditioning unit.