Bathroom Remodeling – Calculating Costs

Bathroom Remodeling is perhaps one of the most expensive home remodel projects that can be encountered. However, the actual costs of replacing tiles, new fixtures, plumbing and overall improvement can be managed to fit within a given budget. 

A thousand dollars-worth of remodeling is attainable as long as proper planning and extensive research is done by the homeowner and the partner contractor. Having multiple options for each chosen theme, fixture and accessories can greatly reduce the final costs of the project. To make the most out of a working budget, the homeowner must know that there are certain aspects of a bathroom remodel that can and can’t be avoided.

Contractor Costs

Most bathroom remodeling costs are calculated on a per-square-foot basis. If the contractor is also in charge of finding and securing materials for the project, then the contractor costs would amount to labor costs plus costs of the materials. Homeowners who do not have the time to invest on research needed to fulfill the project should exactly inform the contractor on what is expected of the project. 

Contractors will most likely acquire materials from partner suppliers, making price options a bit limited for the owner. On the other hand, if the homeowners are able to secure materials themselves, they can hire contractors strictly for labor only.

In case an independent bathroom designer or decorator is hired for a bathroom remodeling project, then the costs may be bigger. However, the options for materials will be more extensive, giving homeowners an access to cheaper but efficient alternatives for certain materials. 

Hiring an independent designer may also give homeowners greater opportunity to personalize the design of their bathroom, turning them from boring and neutral-toned caves to relaxing personal nooks. Bathrooms are highly functional, but they also serve as spaces that can promote relaxation and allow more me-time.

Details to Work On

One way to make sure that a bathroom remodeling project stays well within the allotted budget is to target areas that especially need repair or updating. However much a homeowner may want to modernize the fixtures, hardware and cabinetry of a bathroom, other systems should come first. These are lighting, ventilation and plumbing and water distribution. In the event of damages to the plumbing system, a plumbing company is needed to make the right adjustments and changes to the existing network of pipes. 

Fortunately, a lot of companies that specialize in bathroom remodeling projects already have plumbers or have partner plumbing companies that can work on this problem. The extent of damage can jack up the costs of the project, especially if re-piping is needed.

Ventilation is the next important detail that should be worked on. Good ventilation is crucial to keep the bathroom safe and prevent water from pooling. Plus, efficient ventilation can also keep microbes from growing and destroying grouts and the surfaces of counters, glass panes and tiles. 

Changing the existing lighting system is optional or may be included when wall tiles are also improved during the bathroom remodel process. In this case, homeowners may opt for pin light options if they want to convert their bathrooms into relaxing spaces to de-stress.

Some hotspots to consider when improving the design of the bathroom are the choice of faucets, getting bathtubs, scratch-resistant and durable flooring and countertops and accessories like hooks and bars. Bathroom users may not expect high-end materials in this space. Investing on durable and materials that last for a lifetime is the best way to make the most out of a remodeling project. Natural lighting through windows and skylights are also a good way to conserve energy and save on electricity bills in the long run.

Looking for a Contractor

When looking for a contractor, the homeowner must consider a number of things. First off, the contractor should be licensed and have the right papers to back up claims and credentials. Insurance is important as this would designate liability in case of issues during the bathroom remodel process. Personal interviews with the contractor can also help uncover the kind of professionalism they can bring to the table. 

Remember that remodeling projects will bring the contractors in close contact to household members. Aside from upholding efficiency, they should also be courteous and respectful.

To get the best price for a project, homeowners, property developers or business owners can hold a bidding match of contractors. In this case, the owner should know about certain requirements and how to conduct these. On the other hand, private or small-scale projects should be started by comparing ballpark costs and estimates from a number of companies. The most affordable bid or estimate does not ultimately mean a valuable deal and the owner should check the credibility of the company before any transaction is made with them.