Asphalt Roof Cost

How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Cost?

Asphalt Roof CostAsphalt Roof Cost – Today most homes in the United States have a modern asphalt shingle roof. These shingles are most often the material of choice as the main roofing exterior on wood frame structures including homes, smaller businesses, carports, garages, storage and utility sheds and such. 

Many decades ago before the modern manufacture and availability of today’s asphalt shingles, most homes and similar structures had roofing shingles made of wood, clay, slate, metal, or some similar material. Many structures and even some homes had tin sheet roofing to keep the rain and weather out.

A Material That Makes Sense

Today, the most popular choice is the asphalt shingle roof, mainly because of the lower asphalt roof cost and widespread availability of the materials used. These shingles are relatively easy to install while giving a good uniform look to the home, business, or structure to which they are installed. 

They are very effective at stopping the rain and moisture from penetrating the roof or wood structure upon which they are installed. Another advantage in using this material is they have a uniquely designed surface to be weatherproof and yet give good traction when walking on the sloped roof structure during and after installation.

When choosing the asphalt shingle roof for your home, you also have a variety of color and styles from which to choose. Lighter color shingles will help to keep your home cooler thereby helping to reduce energy costs while using air conditioning during those hot summer months, where as darker colors will convey more heat from the sunlight and help to melt and rid your roof of snow and ice faster in the winter. When speaking of energy costs, it is generally accepted that lighter colors are more practical in the southern region of the United States, while darker colors are more sensible in northern territories.

Asphalt Roof Cost Installation

While replacing the material on an asphalt shingle roof is a job that can be done by the do it yourself, some may find it to be an overwhelming task to undertake. One main factor to this is how large your roofing project is. Small to mid size homes and structures that only need a single layer overlay, that is no removal of the old roofing and shingles, may find the job to be something they can handle themselves. 

However, if the pending job is a large house or structure and/or there is the need to tear off the old roofing and many times even replace some or all of the underlying roofing material, like plywood or wood plank underlay, then the job is better left to a company with an experienced crew to handle such a large task. 

Most reputable roofing companies know the importance of accomplishing the job efficiently and the majority will have the roof structure enclosed under the new shingles before the day is ended to prevent any rain, moisture, or anything else from getting to the wood structure underneath.

When considering the installation of an asphalt shingle roof, it is always good sound advice to consult with an expert before undertaking such a project to get the true asphalt roof cost.