Laminate Flooring

The Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooringLaminate flooring – One of the more attractive features in a home is wood flooring. It communicates natural warmth, beauty, and timelessness. This is one of the primary attractions of older homes – its original hardwood floors.

Modern homes, however, now have the option of acquiring all the advantages that go with having natural hardwood flooring, without the hefty expense attached. This option comes in the form of laminate flooring. It seems to be the right choice for most homeowners, fitting right into their lifestyle and financial considerations.

What are the advantages of Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be installed in a simple, straightforward and trouble-free manner. The technology behind this type of flooring offers a design that interlocks, forming a tight and secure floor surface. All you have to do is to unroll a sheet of underlying material, and then snap the planks/tiles of the floor together. Installing the floor for one room may take just a couple of days to finish. Some home-owners have opted to make the installation a do-it-yourself project for the whole family, saving a substantial amount of money which could have gone to professional floor installers.

It is adaptable; it does not choose the kind of sub-floor to which it is fastened. It will work on all types of subfloor, be it concrete, vinyl, ceramic, or fresh wood. You do not have to spend for the removal of old floor installations, with the exception of wall-to-wall carpeting. You simply have to make certain that the sub-floor is dirt-free, dried-out, and leveled.

Laminate flooring LOOKS like real hardwood. It is made from compound wood fused together using elevated temperatures. The image of hardwood is then put over to form the laminate. The printed image of real wood is laminated to the compound wood using aluminium-oxide finish. It looks like hardwood but is cheaper by about 50%. You can choose from among a wide variety of natural hardwood materials. These days, the images of a variety of natural stone can also be reproduced. The newest related technology now even attempts to reproduce the surface-texture of the natural materials.

Because the flooring is prepared through the use of pressed wood, it is sturdy and scratch-resistant. It is not as vulnerable to humidity and wear-and-tear as real hardwood flooring. Its finish makes it resistant to scuffs and cuts.

Laminate flooring is low-maintenance. It is incredibly effortless to keep clean. All you have to do is to sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of the grime which may gradually wear away the floor’s finish if left untended. A swift, thorough wipe with a clean non-abrasive cloth is all that it demands to maintain its attractive gloss. 

It can withstand the usual spills that floors go through, as well as heavy foot-traffic. Because of this quality, it is a popular choice not only for bedrooms but for busy entryways and hallways, as well. It is not as vulnerable to sunlight as real hardwood; it is color-fast and does not fade. This quality makes it a popular choice for sunrooms. It endures for years.

All of these advantages have easily made laminate floors the ideal choice for most people. It may be for you, too.